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Growing Some Monsters (outdoor Scrog)

Discussion in 'General Outdoor Growing' started by Greatlakes, Jul 16, 2018.

  1. Coming to the party late.
    Got some decent genetics im 20180502_191106.jpg 20180520_153527.jpg received_10156456395904312.jpeg 20180708_130207.jpg 2018-07-13 22.17.05.jpg trying out this yr. Mostly from bomb seeds a few from DNA and 1 from hso

    I am growing in 100% amended composted manure. No dirt at all just 400 gallons of cow poo lol.

    I also did my own boxes using window screen for the sides for better air and drainage.

    Here are a few pics of the journey.
  2. Thats awsome. Wish i could do somthing on that scale... Good stuff.
  3. Thanks man :)
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  4. Awesome! They’re loving that poo for sure!

    What did you amend the manure with? Did you amend while fresh, or after composting?

    I’ve got access to some grade A poo, so was considering starting a pile for compost this fall. Thanks!
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  5. I used espoma garden tone and happy frog bulb food.
    I also feed it silica regularly since it is not dirt I feel that it does well for the plants.

    Thanks so much for checking out my grow :)
  6. Just taken this a.m.
    They are turning into Some beefy stalks already :) 20180717_082052.jpg 20180717_082147.jpg
  7. Hoping to beat my avatar stalk this yr. And thanks man :)
  8. Don't really have to deal with too many bad pests here other then slugs.
    Tho thanks to the info my mom taught me years ago.... slugs can not resist beer (we have that in common)

    This is how many slugs I got in 8 hours.
    They died happy downloadfile-8.jpeg
  9. Madmax


    Frock lovin this.makes me wanna jump in the jeep and find a good spot.
    How long did you have to wait before putting plant in that ginormous poo pile.
    Wonder if horse poo could work like that..
    Cheers max
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  10. Horse poo does work but has a lot more weed seeds in it then cow.
    I don't mind seeds myself because it helps camo my boxes a little (tho I'm quite aware that they stick out) however I'm not in a legal state lol.
    The poo was aged 5 yrs and the plants were germinated Feb 1st and transplanted into the boxes around may 20th.

    I wish more people would give farm poo a try because the growth is insane ;)
  11. P.s. The best part is that 2 dump truck loads delivered (5000 gallons) only cost me $300.
  12. Madmax


    Mates rates .they remind me of down near the river where these big backberry bushes grow wild along the bank..will the shrubbery green up around them.looks like end of winter there in first pic..
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  13. That first pic was actually taken the start of may. We only have 4 months that it doesn't snow here so there is only a small window for me to do this in.
    Recent pics are as green as we will get this yr I think. For some reason we just have not had any rain ...odd for this area.
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  14. Thanks.... but I'm a sis not a bro lol (Not that you could tell from my country outdoor clothes in first pics) lol
  15. So these were my last grow (my first attempt at growing with just manure) received_10154625819057263.jpeg received_10154625819087263.jpeg received_10154625819117263.jpeg received_10154625819162263.jpeg received_10154625819182263.jpeg received_10154625819412263.jpeg
  16. Ah apologies! I skipped past that picture honestly! Was lookin at your plants then commented on that beautiful stalk you uploaded!
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  17. Madmax


    Can i ask..are you married :love2:
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  18. Lol
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