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Mixing High Thc Oil With Cbc Oil

Discussion in 'Concentrates & Processing' started by MrThermal, Jul 11, 2018 at 11:26 AM.

  1. Does anybody know if it's possible to mix oil made from high THC bud with CBC oil to get a medical 1:1 oil mix.

    I'll be making oil following the Jeff Ditchfield youtube video.

  2. JWM2


    A google search turned up some info, not a whole lot though. I say give a small amount a try and report back. Unless someone else knows and can chime in. Good luck either way and i'll keep tabs on this thread as I'm interested as well. Cool stuff.
  3. CBD crystal isolate works well for that.
  4. i take oil capsules daily .i mix coconut oil with high thc oil as well as high cbd oil. i just heat the oil up in a double boiler[i have small metal cups that work great for heating it up]then mix together.
    i cant see why this would'nt work with mixing both thc and cbd oils .they are essentially the same texture ,so they should mix well.
    also alot of plants have both anyway, so i think you're just helping nature along with mixing your own.
  5. OK, I like the idea of using CBD isolate

    Let say I'm doing 10gm +/- of high THC oil and using the isolate as seen in the image added.
    How many mg's and when would I add the CBD isolate to the high THC oil.
  6. i don't know if isolate will mix with oil. i'm not as big on the isolate as its not a full plant extract and as such is missing alot of goodies.up to you but i would use cbd oil instead. just my 2 cents worth.
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  7. If I go with an off the shelf full sectrum oil, what % should I be aiming for as some range from 5% to 40% strength.
    Please people feel free to add your thoughts.
  8. i guess it depends on what you want it for . i use oil made from a plant called painkiller which is 10% cbd and 8% thc. i also make high thc oils, and come fall, when i get the candida plants going, i'll have cbd at about 18-20 % and almost no thc.very good for pain relief.i would make it as strong as you can and then moderate the dose.i make it full strength and take it as required ,which for me is twice a day.i'm treating cancer so i take a depends on whether you are new to this, or are a seasoned smoker like myself.if you're new, be careful how much you start with as it can knock you on your ass.