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Reset And Restart Living Soil Grow

Discussion in 'Organic Soil' started by cloudyhelads, Dec 22, 2018.

  1. FD9F4620-CD1C-43B2-B898-730F3B5BA4C7.jpeg B6FF981A-E18C-4D6B-8302-B7EFC42F76D2.jpeg EF46C2E4-066A-41DB-BD67-1995AA360576.jpeg B57BF6E3-593F-4964-A40E-7E9B36BA7C6C.jpeg Hello farmers, I’m getting started with a new project that I’d like to share. I’m a new member and have been growing for 9 years. I have gleaned a lot from the pages here and would like to give back by sharing the ongoing trials and tribulations of my newest experiment. First some bud shots:
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  2. I have been growing using a continuously recycled soil that I built and amended, had tested, and amended again. I keep the dirt in a 200 gal fabric pot with worms and I use it to fill 15 gal pots for my veged up plants to go into flower.
    This has worked well for me for a couple of years until I was wiped out by broad mites this fall. The awful buggers never made it to my flower room, but I had to chuck my veg stock, flower out what was left in the tent, clean everything release beneficial insects and now I’m ready to reset/restart. I’m trying to turn this rather humbling and vexing occurrence into an opportunity to set myself up with a new system, try some new genetics, and hopefully improve the quality of my yeilds
  3. So to that end I have set up a new larger tent. I am popping some new varieties and ready to get started
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  4. So far I have 5 ethos chem-og, and 2 chocolate chunk from THSeeds. I also have a couple of mystery seeds from “exotic genetics” which came with my order. They all popped. One of the chem-og’s sprouted but wouldn’t grow. I cracked the seeds in aloe Vera water and planted them directly in my soil and rice hills.
  5. So I built a pressure treated cart to put a 150 gal pot on and filled it with my soil plus growstones plus puffed clay pellets plus a few ammendments
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  6. looking like your ready to go,i used the rice hulls a few years back in coco ,wasnt impressed,but still had a good harvest,one thing for sure it is better than perl;ite and give the house residents some thing to eat,i like the setup and will keep a eye on your progress,got to say i love the big bag in the tent,i couldnt do it were im at,be my luck i would get bugs and thats a handful to control indoors,about the bugs,if you like to toss pollen or open pollination have the room and such,be a good start to see how resistant your cross are,i grow both indoor and out,outdoor is subject to everything,but also very easy to see how resilent the plant is,just a tip i like to share,most folk call me crazy just letting my weed get ate up,but there are lessons to learn if you dig
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  7. Thanks Oldskol. My style has always been “perpetual”. Flower tent plants are spaced apart by a couple of weeks. I’m always harvesting, cloning, transplanting etc all the time. I’m hoping to not change that. I hope that this will be the same except instead of transplanting for flower into 15 gals I will transplant into this bed. Here’s what my 4x4 used to look like
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  8. I’m was having trouble with the climate in the 4x4. I live in New England and the humidity is awful in the summer. I hope the 4x8 will give me a 4x4 grow and I’ll have room for a dehumidifier ac etc inside the tent.
    For flower I was running a 4 cob light, an all red ufo, and an old blurple which has had almost every diode swapped out after burnouts. The cob is in the 4x8 but I am thinking about some different lighting options to round things out. Definitely an led guy. It was actually the led development that got me into growing.
  9. Crazy I got broads now. Same deal in veg flower scoped ok. I’m fighting for now but prob gonna toss veg n exterminate.
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  10. I like the soil stock idea and with the worms. I thought of putting couple worms in garden too.

    No bug issues directly from storing like this?
    I’m tired of awkward plastic totes with no breathing or construction bags. That always get a hole somewhere n make a mess.
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  11. You should get you a can of plastidip or something to coat your cart. I don’t see it effecting the plant. But it’ll make your work last a lot longer. Probably never have to rebuild one.
  12. Thanks for your interest, Monster, I believe that there may be bug issues from this soil. As soon as I get a cover crop I plan to release predator mites. With this single container style IPM needs to be on point. If you have genetics that you are trying to save I would recomend tossing everything that is not essential then treating the keepers with extreme vigilance. I saved only a couple solo cup sized plants ant treated them with neem oil, Spinozad, and horticultural oil until they were almost dead. They are wracked and still recovering, and I still keep them quarantined and, to be honest, I may chuck them too. The Broad mites make spider mites seem innocuous. Microscope is essential.
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  13. Also, although my flower room never showed any signs of the broads, I released a couple thousand predator mites in there to keep things clean since I couldn’t spray or dip. I used Californicus because ithey seemed best for my environment.
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  14. This is my quarantine where I am trying to save a few plants from the broad mite happening. I have grown this one seed of Nirvana White Widow Since I started and it has been good to me. Not sure how important it is but wanted to save it for sentimental reasons I guess. Interestingly the two larger plants are THSeeds chocolate chunk that I popped just before I found out about the mites. They have never showed signs that the broads touched them at all.
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  15. I have installed a Blumat watering system in the new bed and am working on getting it adjusted. I also scattered red clover seeds which are starting to come up. Seedlings are doing well, I think. The yellow on some of the leaves came from leaving the humidity bags on too long. The leaves came in contact with the bags and got the yellow. All new leaves are looking good. So far.
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  16. jumpincactus

    jumpincactus Premium Member Supporter

    just reading the words broad mites sends shivers down my spine to this day!!!!!
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  17. They are serious little monsters for sure Jumpincactus. I’m sure I’m not through with them but am endeavoring to persevere. Thanks for reading.
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  18. jumpincactus

    jumpincactus Premium Member Supporter

    good luck and karma in your combat!!!
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  19. Happy Holidaze
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  20. Seedlings are taking off. Cover crop is starting to come in. Blumat adjustment continues. I also took 4 clones off of “Naiomi” Chocolate Chunk. They are still in Quarantine chamber.
    The Ethos Chem-Og seedlings seem very homogenous. Structure and leaf shape are all very similar. The mystery seeds from Exotic Genetics have thinner leaves and seem a bit more “sativa”.
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