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Rick Simpsons healing oil, make the medicine!

Discussion in 'Concentrates & Processing' started by logic, Dec 8, 2009.

  1. Rick simpson is a hero, a great guy, a good friend, and and is just trying to make this world a better place for those who are injuried, or that are in need of the medication by produceing the hemp he grows, and turns this hemp into weed oil where they can either take a drop or two and swollow it, put it on as a topical, eat it, smoke it, vapor it, theres so many ways to get healing from the medication, and whats better then growing your own meds, knowing how they were grown, what was grown, and what chemicals if any was used in them, and known that the chemicals are aucally flushed out, becuase you grew your own meds. Our goverment is fuckt in the simplest of terms, their heads are up their asses 24/7 or in thier wallets wondering sceams to make more doe off the people who need these meds. Its time we stand up in canada, I lost count in how many letters, videos, emails and phonecalls i made to parlament in ontario canada, and everytime it was shoved off the table and forgotten about. I even made a special trip to parlament in 2007, and was shutdown at the main door when asked to speak about medial marijuana in canada.. lets join the fight people, and all you canadians join me in this!!!
  2. rick simpson is a beautiful soul for doing what he did.. its a shame that injustice takes place in most governments around the world... Last i heard Rick is doing well in Europe escaping his prosecution... How can Canada be so against him when even the Doctors and Police departments were in his defense? things dont quite make sense with the way the law works and those incharge of enforcing it
  3. dcm


    just found this info here, thanks for posting it.
  4. Always learning. Thank you for the info. I have much to learn.
  5. The devil is against God's healing herb. I have been a struggling believer in good forces vs. evil forces thinking it was all a lie. Not so sure about that now, I mean all the people in power seem to be the ones who want to harm you, even cause you death. All the stuff they are teaching our children in their ''schools'' brainwashing them. You can buy toxic chemicals. You can be prescribed poisons of several- SEVERAL!! Different kinds! Its obvious that they are at war against us! You gonna sit there and take it? Let them bend u over and drain your vitality to a mundane reality?
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  6. Is it as medicinal when u make cannabutter and cook with it like with cookies to ingest? Or is pure oil needed? can u cook the oil into butter adnd will it be as medicinal to kill cancer??
  7. I would love to be a test subject. I have no way to grow my own. I want to grow for my fiance, who had cancer that can come back in her ovaries. This oil would allow us to have children
  8. Light naphtha is a blend of light alkane hydrocarbons in the range of Pentane and Hexane. We use both n-Butane, and n-Hexane for extractions and alchemy, with great success. Most of our oil is done using n-Butane, because of the pristine extractions and because we recycle it, which makes it dirt cheap to operate.

    We also extract oral meds with Ethanol and use it in our alchemy, but extract much of our topical from fan leaves and stems, so we use Isopropyl or Denatured, and clean it up with Ethanol so as to not leave as much residue on the skin.

    The fish trap exists because of the fish, and the design of the fish trap is less important, if it catches the fish.

    As I understand it, the fish in this case is a group of plant terpenes, which includes the diterpene cannabinoids, and all are adequately extracted by all of the above solvents.

    The message I got from Rick Simpson, was that he was presenting simple methods that almost anyone could do, not his chosen method. He acknowledges that there other and better methods, some of which he uses them himself when the resources are available.

    He presented methods to use both a non polar solvent like naphtha, and polar solvents like Isopropyl and ethanol, which further supports that he believes that the fish could be caught by either class of solvent.

    This may be one of those times where we'uns are making thangs more complicated than they really are.
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    Why would you want to use ISO over Ethanol? I've been making oil with 99.9% Ethanol for awhile and haven't had any issues with taste, effect, or anything.
  10. Good question and the answer is costs. The yield from stems and fan leaves is low, which makes the unit cost extremely expensive after paying liquor taxes on Everclear, or proving that you aren't drinking the reagent grade.

    Since that oil goes into topicals mixed with other flavors, taste is at least less of an issue, and I know of no compelling reason to use ethanol over isopropyl in extracting oil for a topical, expecially since they are removed afterwards.

    PS: I just answered why we use Iso instead of Ethanol at times, but the reason I think Rick Simpson offered it, was because it works and there are any number of places where high purity ethanol is diffult to obtain and you can almost always get 99.9 Iso.
  11. cant wait to make some more of this, it has the power for sure in more ways than people could imagen, i use butane through a stainless steel baster straight into a pyrex dish for a couple hours of slow double boiling then pop all bubbles and do a second purge n double boil again, then scrape up to a amber ball, flatten it and leave on the windowsill for a couple days to let the sun give a final natural purge n then i smoke and eat it, is that a decent process to be medical grade cure oil? if so i will start giveing to people i know who really need it
  12. forgot to say thanks loads Logic n Rick Simpson! world needs more of guys like you two and theres alot of em includeing me at this community, i spread the word every chance i can get n even have my before ever so sceptical older family member won over to what this plants abilitys are anyway nice 1
  13. What temperature are you slow boiling at?

    UV light destroys cannabinoids, so I recommend keeping it out of the sun.

    If you are going to eat it, I recommend decarboxylating it first, and that will eliminate any questions about residual butane. Stick a container of the oil in a 250F hot oil bath as soon as the butane stops bubbling from the hot water bath. It doesn't look like I have a thread posted on the subject, so I will.
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  14. thanks greywolf i know u n hashmaster kut are both real pros at this stuff so its great to have some advice from you too, keep doin what ya do pal
  15. sorry could u expand on that please? so i get my oil just after i made it n purged it with a double boil above a bowl of hot water, n put it still in my pyrex dish floating in boiling cooking oil in a saucepan at 250f? would that not cook everything good out of the bho oil at that temp n make it useless??? sorry if i got it totaly wrong i just smoked some of my bho n feel abit confused lol but would love to understand what you mean clear as crystal u know? thanks greywolf
  16. sorry i forgot to say, im not sure of the exact temp im double boiling my stuffover but i use water out the kettle thats been boiled n left from 2 to 5 min to cool a bit n then poured out to use in the lower bowl, so id guess its prob anything between 80 c and 90 c so thats prob round about between 176f and 194f i think?
  17. Here's a little tip for QWISO guys getting dark oil...wash in phases
    first one being real short, but violent. Second can be longer.
    Put into separate flat, wide, and shallow glass dishes.
    Next, NO HEAT just a open window and a CLEAN fan.(i fucked up once and got hair n god knows what else in it so i had to filter it again.)
    When its done it will be blonde and beautiful.
    You also keep alot of the flavor this way too.
  18. Actually 1 pound of good bud will produce 60 grams which is 60 days worth of medicine. If you want to produce a pound of bud you can growing 8 indicas under 600 watts of high pressure sodium, I would say veg the plants for 4 weeks before blooming them, indica is better than sativa when it comes to medicinal oil, but I would consider using a strain with a little sativa in it, its an anti-depressant.
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  20. Do the videos explain any of the trials or studies of hemp oil and cancer?
    My Aunt has cancer, but I never thought to mention hemp oil.
    The only way she'll try it though, is if I show her some type of evidence, even strong anecdotal evidence would suffice...