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  1. mantistoboggan

    Dr. Toboggan's World of Wonders

    ...I'm extremely happy with it. The Stardawg #2 got a little lazy and laid down, so I facilitated and just helped train it a little. (Pic #3) Not nearly as stinky as my SD #1, but the vigor is all the same. Slow and steady. Pic #2 is of the Winston Wolf's at around 3 or so weeks from seed...
  2. MerryJane22

    Help with ideas for a "too early flowering outdoor plant"

    ...fellow as soon as I see him) he just handed it to me with zero instruction. #2) She had those long 20/4 lights her whole 7 weeks before I got her #3) There is something called 'bolting' that happens when plants experience drastic weather. She was protected from most of it, but not all. It...
  3. Egzoset

    Weapon Of Mass Seduction

    ...around the perimeter of a Classic Bowl (dia. ~ 18.8 mm); #2) stop performing a twin-cut of the Screw Base half-way to this Containment Mark; #3) from the Flame Catcher side punch a couple Direct On-Top Core PinHoles at an angle, if step #2 went fine then only a very thin metal layer should...
  4. Jesse5593

    1st Time Photo Grower

    ...this go around and so excited for the possibilities of smoking my own meds! Started with 5 bag seeds from a good local indica strain(Shaw #3). Ended up grabbing rooted Pineapple Kush and Jack Flash Clones also! Anyway, seeding and vegging indoors currently, before growing outdoors. Using...
  5. THCMonster

    Going organic in coco cant amend the coco with ANY organic material (wormcastings, bat guano, kelp meal... etc) #2) You have to use only liquid base fertilizers #3) You have to make sure you formulate a very effective PK booster! #4) You will have to formulate the nutrients yourself! (This is the only...
  6. SinCity

    Dominion Seed Co for being so helpful and i'm glad to have you as a friend. Run 1. Trinidad. Inkognyto's Salty S1 (Chemdog D/Chemdog #3 x Chemdog D/Chemdog #3)--this is the one i've really hunted down as a good contender to have some of that one and only taste and smell. Inkognyto's Candied Lemons...
  7. T

    Lets see your 2019 outdoor plants!

    ...Worked for 4 years to select best fast finishing genetics with decent size. Will take and show pics of what's still growing soon. They are the Fire99 x Cinderella 99 x (freezeland x guerilla gold #3) Best genetics that I have for my crazy, every year different Environment. Back in a bit
  8. C

    What is the difference between MEDICAL MJ and REGULAR MJ?

    Wrong my Friends. Take a hybrid like AK-47, Grow her under an LED, for sake of arguments using a#10 rated LED, GROW HER. Take a Vipraspectra LED(#3) GROW HER. #3 has more potency, guaranteed by the spectrometer ( used by High Times World Cup ++) Add a SOLACURE UV FIXTURE, GROW HER. With a...
  9. C

    HPS light superior vs current led tech?

    ...peat moss (pH is 7.0) and half SILICA SAND ( HTH POOL FILTERING SAND #1). A 3" Layer of CPR and EVERYONE GROWS MEDICAL GRADE CANNIBIS. LED lighting is SUPERIOR TO HID'S 👍 Advanced Platinum Series is #1( has UV spectrum(POTENCY) Currently I'm using a 1200 watt Vipraspectra (#3)/SOLACURE UV...
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