Welcome to a whole new world of black all innovation where comfort meets cutting-edge technology! The Yocan Black Jaws Hot Knife and Infrared Temperature Reader is the perfect tool for those who value accuracy, efficiency, and convenience. This compact and user-friendly device is packed with a variety of high-end features, ensuring an enhanced user experience with every use.

Let's take a closer look at the numerous qualities and advantages of the Yocan Black Jaws that set it apart from the competition.

A Glimpse into Yocan Black Jaws Hot Knife and Infrared Temperature Reader

Yocan Black Jaws, with its snap cap, one-button design, OLED display, and USB-C charging, goes beyond the standard conventions of simplicity and ease of use. Its top-of-the-line features promise an excellent experience that is not just efficient but also intuitive.

Speedy Heat-Up with Snap Cap
The Yocan Black Jaws Hot Knife heats up in just 15 seconds, significantly reducing the time it takes to get to the ideal temperature. This rapid heating is facilitated by a smartly designed snap cap, which creates a controlled environment for efficient heat retention. In the hustle and bustle of the modern world, such speed can be a real game-changer.

10 Second Preheat
The device also comes with a 10-second preheat function. This means it takes a mere 10 seconds for the device to be preheated and ready for use, ensuring you don't have to wait for long periods.

1.2" Sensing Distance and .47" Blade Length
The Yocan Black Jaws boasts a 1.2" sensing distance, providing you with precise measurements without any direct contact. The device has a .47" blade length, offering an adequate size that combines both practicality and usability.

Intuitive One-Button Design
Simplicity is the key to efficiency, and the one-button design of the Yocan Black Jaws adheres to this principle. The user-friendly design makes it easy to navigate through different modes and settings with just a single button.

OLED Display & Battery Level Indication
The OLED display presents you with clear and precise information at a glance. It shows everything from temperature readings to battery level indications, ensuring you are always informed about the device's status.

1 Hour Charge Time & USB-C Charging
Yocan Black Jaws charges in just 1 hour, thanks to its USB-C charging capabilities. It's perfect for people on the go, ensuring that your device is always ready for use. Moreover, the inclusion of a 4-foot cable allows you more freedom of movement while charging.
180 mAh Battery
The product comes with a 180 mAh battery, providing a balance between power and longevity. With this powerful battery, you can be confident that your device won't run out of power in the middle of usage.

Thermocouple Sensors
Equipped with Thermocouple Sensors, the Yocan Black Jaws gives you accurate temperature readings within the range of 450°F to 750°F. Whether you need a high or low temperature, this device has you covered.​

Silicone Rubber Grip
The silicone rubber grip on the Yocan Black Jaws ensures a firm and comfortable hold. Its ergonomic design minimizes the chance of accidental slips or drops.

Glass View Flip Cap
The glass view flip cap not only offers a sleek aesthetic appeal but also allows you to easily check the condition of your device.

What's in the Box?
Upon unboxing, you'll find that the Yocan Black Jaws comes with several handy accessories:

  • Phaser MAX (TGT coil pre-installed): The device comes with a pre-installed TGT coil in the Phaser MAX, which ensures optimum performance right out of the box.
  • Extra TGT Coil: In addition to the pre-installed coil, you also get an extra TGT coil. This ensures you have a backup when you need it.
  • Pick Tool: A pick tool is also included in the box to help you with the maintenance and cleaning of the device.
  • 4 Feet Type-C USB Cable: The Yocan Black Jaws includes a 4-foot Type-C USB cable, allowing for easy charging at your convenience.
  • Cleaning Brush: To keep your device running smoothly and efficiently, a cleaning brush is provided.
  • Instructions Manual: The instructions manual offers detailed guidelines on how to use and maintain your device effectively.
How To Use Yocan Black Jaws?
Yocan Black Jaws Hot Knife is not just a tool, it's a companion designed for your convenience.

Today, we're going to break down step by step how to use this marvel of technology.

The Water Addition
The Yocan Black Jaws Hot Knife includes a sleek glass percolator that's seamlessly detachable from the body of the device. To add water, gently twist and pull the percolator off the main body. Once detached, locate the mouthpiece opening of the percolator - this is where the water goes.​

Take care to fill the percolator only up to the marked line. Overfilling could risk water entering the airway, leading to a less than optimal vaping experience. Once you've filled it with the right amount of water, reattach it to the device's body.

Ready to Load and Reload
Now that your glass percolator is filled and back in place, it's time to load your Yocan Black Jaws with your desired concentrate. To do this, carefully place the concentrate into the coil. Be sure to use a proper tool to avoid contact with the heated coil. Once loaded, securely fasten the glass percolator back onto the body. Now, you're all set to vape.

Powering On
When it comes to powering on your Yocan Black Jaws Hot Knife, it's as easy as a few clicks! Press the button five times within a short span of 2 seconds. If successful, a white light will flash five times, signaling that your device is now active and ready for use.

Adjust to Your Preferred Setting
The Yocan Black Jaws features an adjustable temperature map setting, ensuring every user can find their perfect balance of vapor and flavor. You can adjust the temperature by simply pressing the plus or minus button on the device. Upon doing so, the corresponding temperature map color light will flash five times.

The device offers four different temperature settings:

  • Blue Blaze (450°F-525°F): This setting is perfect for those who prefer optimal flavor with minimal vapor output. It provides a smoother vaping experience while still delivering a flavorful hit.
  • Green Inferno (526°F-600°F): If you're seeking a balance between taste and vapor, this is the setting for you. It creates a satisfying blend of rich taste and noticeable vapor.
  • Red Hot (601°F-675°F): For users who love an intense vapor with rich flavor, the Red Hot setting is ideal. This setting provides a noticeable increase in vapor density without compromising on the flavor.
  • Ultra White (676°F-750°F): The Ultra White setting is similar to the Red Hot setting, offering intense vapor with a rich flavor. This setting is for the vapers who want to push their device to its maximum potential.
Choose Your Desired Mode

The Yocan Black Jaws Hot Knife features two unique modes to cater to your vaping preferences.
  • Auto-Mode: To activate Auto-Mode, simply press the button twice. This feature provides a consistent heating experience without the need to hold down the button.
  • On-Demand Mode: If you want to have more control over your vaping, On-Demand Mode is your go-to. Simply press and hold the button to start vaping. However, be aware that after 30 seconds of use, the white light will flash ten times, indicating that the coil has stopped heating.
Power Off or Repeat
The black all device can be powered off by pressing the button five times within 2 seconds. If you want to continue vaping, you can repeat the previous steps to place more concentrate into your device and begin again.

Your Adventure Awaits with Yocan Black Jaws Hot Knife

You've discovered the marvelous features, explored the intricate operations, and now you're ready to experience the incredible Yocan Black Jaws Hot Knife for yourself. It's more than just a device; it's a door to a whole new world of precision, convenience, and satisfaction.

Why wait for tomorrow when the future is already here? Dive into the new age of technology and get ready to transform your everyday life into an extraordinary experience. With its impeccable performance and sleek design, the Yocan Black Jaws Hot Knife is not just a device; it's your partner in every endeavor.

Whether you are a seasoned vaper or a newcomer to the vaping world, the Yocan Black Jaws Hot Knife and Infrared Temperature Reader is a worthy addition to your collection. This innovative device offers everything you need for an ideal vaping experience—uncompromised flavor, customizable settings, rapid heating, and unparalleled convenience.

Take the leap, redefine your vaping experience, and join the Yocan family today. It's time to elevate your lifestyle with the Yocan Black Jaws Hot Knife. Click here to purchase yours today, and embark on an exciting journey of discovery and enjoyment.