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just read the whole thread AWESOME mate!!!!

now we just need finishing picks and some weights hehe

your prob still trimming your ass off and your hands dont work to get on the computer lol


yeah seriouly what happened to this guy?

the buildout is super clean, the room looks great. PROPS

but to vanish after self promoting the grow is kinda lame.. if everything turned out great, and i hope it did, then let us know.

but if it went :mad0233:

then running away and not explaining is pretty lame.


Damn, more overwhelmed with responses!

The guy who built the room is the man. This is the second room I've had built by him and both of them have turned out flawless.

He did this room from walls, to drywall, to every electrical outlet, to the A/C window unit build out, to the hard-lined airlines, to the winches raising/lowering my lights, to the custom in/out fittings for the chiller and coolcoils, etc...Waterlines through the walls...you name it.... The craftsmanship on everything is A++ and everything is built to perfection, I can't be anymore happy then I am...

He is very reasonable and is even willing to travel, considering growrooms are the only business he's been getting lately...

PM me if you'd like some information on how to get in contact with him and i'm sure he'd be willing to help anyone out.

I forgot to bring my camera today, (Day 12 of veg), and things are out of fucking control. Tomorrow I plan on building a trellis and flipping the switch within a day or 2.

My goal is so have a beautiful canopy, and i think a dual layer trellis is gonna be in order to help achieve my goal, so that's whats next.

Thanks for all the interest!! Can't wait to get a visual update for everyone.

hey man, i cant PM anyone but i was wondering if you could PM me so i can ask you about the guy who built your room.

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