19k, 20 Strains, A1 Nutes, A1 Soil, thanks AWC&GOD

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Lookin great Treebark! Have you tried the Sea Green product? If you think it will help your OG with uptake I would say give it a go. I pushed my hi octane OG without burn all the way to 2000ppm with sea green using Dr earths bud and bloom booster plus a few organic ingredients in my locker and overdrive..lol Im startin flush this weekend for her last few weeks. My base water is at 250 ppm (MagiCal and Potassium silicate) so all the rest was organic love juice...lol. Can't wait to see your end results!


Lookin great Treebark! Have you tried the Sea Green product? If you think it will help your OG with uptake I would say give it a go. I pushed my hi octane OG without burn all the way to 2000ppm with sea green using Dr earths bud and bloom booster plus a few organic ingredients in my locker and overdrive..lol Im startin flush this weekend for her last few weeks. My base water is at 250 ppm (MagiCal and Potassium silicate) so all the rest was organic love juice...lol. Can't wait to see your end results!

No I haven't tried Sea Green but I think I'm gonna get a bottle of it tomorrow, and ad it to my regimen.

OG always throws me for a loop, but I flushed one OG tray and gave nutes to the other tray just to see if I misdiagnosed a def with burn and sure enough the ones that got flushed look a little greener and better. So tom I'm gonna give the other OG tray a good solid flush with CalMag and Micros and get her back on track.

The AO has thrown me for a loop, there are 4 of them and only 2 seemed to have the lock out and the other 2 were never affected. Anyways things are trucking along.

I'm learning fast to say the least, just when i think I got it figured out he Plants decide that they are the boss and i'm just their servant!

I also think that because I had some temp spikes into the 88-90 range that may have hurt the uptake because they were starving for water but in turn had a higher ppm then desired in the soil, so I may have basically caused it because of the high temp spikes. After the flush I checked the runoff water and it was 2000 ppm and 6.5 ph. So that's what lead me to believe that a nute lock out was occurring since the ph was in range.

I have since dialed 6 of the lights down to 750 and my temps are back in check, 79-81 canopy and leaf temp, until we get the other ac installed this weekend.

Cheers fellow farmers!


Well after going through abt 150 gallons of water and a lot of cleaning I have what I think could possibly be bad news.

After checking the run off of some other trays that are showing this phantom yellowing way too soon and just overall health I have come to the conclusion that I didn't beat the RA

I was battling RA when I first got this op and running prior to meeting GOD.
So the RA plants aren't in gods mix and aren't from Avalon...FYI...

I inoculated with met abt 2 months ago in veg and took all precautions.

I had lush healthy plants when I flipped and I have to believe the RAs are back. The nutes and ph of everything has been on point this entire cycle if I had to bet, all my feeding has been within reason. I'm meticulous abt what goes into my water and I have written everything down since I started feeding. I just got caps packs abt 2 weeks ago and I have been using them on the flower room 2 and vert room.

I've had high temp spikes before at other ops and the ladies aren't showing any heat stress or anything...so I don't think that was it, besides the co2 would kinda help that anyways.

So I gave a heavy drench of caps foilar and I hope that helps, I'm gonna apply them every watering. I'm halfway through the flowering stage and it may not help too much but I gotta give it a try.

It seems as if some plants are less affected then others, I have gnats but haven't seen any flying RA.

Wish me luck farmers as I'm pulling my hair out

This sucks.

4 lights worth of the 7 are looking stellar and will do well but I'm worried possibly abt the other 3 not maxing out their potential.

This sucks because it won't show the awesomeness of a1 in my first flower room but it's not a1 soil and wasn't a1 nutes for the entire cycle, but if caps packs holed em back which they will it pull me through and show that caps packs are worth their weight in gold...:banana1sv6:

Good thing is that I have flower room 2 which is all a1 is blowing up and they are getting closer to the flip, I want monsters so, just a little set back, but I may be over reacting because The met has to be working some otherwise the entire room would look like death, so we shall see.

Ive never seen such healty green vegetation So fast with the a1 nutes and soil. I transplanted and everything greened up super fast media very lush.


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Aw man I'm sorry to hear this man...I hope I never have to battle those little fuckers. I'll be sending out some loot to Capulator for his spore packs soon. Seems like other farmers are having great results with them thus far. I wish you the best of luck with the battle


Thanks for the support fellas! I think they are doing a lot better then I may have thought orginally. GOD's nutes are really pulling them though.

The met is def holding the RA's back and its only really affecting one tray. The more and more I mess with the plants I feel like the health is only down on one tray, and when I say down its not anything many would totally trip out on, these ones def had RA's in veg.

I'm gonna snag some pics this weekend as many of the girls are blowing up.

I must say that I think they will turn out good, I always assume worst case scenario and I may have possibly overreacted on the girls. This is gonna sound silly but when I cut the HPS off and look at them under normal light they look 100 times better, and I mean night and day better. So thats great possible news. I'm still treating with another kilo of CAPs foilar as a soil drench just in case.

GOD's nutes are making the girls chunk up very nicely and they are packing on the frost. Def gonna pull through for most of the room. Who knows, in a month or so when trim time comes, it may end up being a home run.

Agent Orange looks tons better and is back on track for sure. So they will def turn out ok. I gotta get some close up shots of this girl as she is very pretty. The orange smell is insane!

Chem4xOG is looking totally insane, mad frost and the smell is like a fuel chem lemon pledge sent!

The Pre-98's are loving GOD's nutes they haven't skipped a beat. Gonna be some nice chunky bubba nugs.

One of the Original OG trays after the flush greened back up nicely and its trucking along and will be the bread winner, mad colas of OG goodness. I can't wait to see how these girls turn out.

The Headband looks like normal headband, I don't think this is a stellar cut of anything special, but still gonna turn out nice.

The Sour D isn't looking like anything too special either and I was mistaken there isn't a stardawg in this room, I thought there was but I checked my notes and I was incorrect.

Now the flower room 2, still vegging, that has GOD's soil and strains mostly from AWC is totally blowing up. The soil is off the hook and doing really well.
I can't wait to get this room flowering. The strains are killer. Here are some pics of the ladies:

They were in 5 gallon grow bags with promix and transplanted into GOD A1 mix 2 weeks ago and they are blowing up, Every leaf is nice and dark green. I'm very happy with these ladies.

This is the room I'm most excited about as its gonna be one hell of a show and its gonna rock out like a rockstar with A1.

Pic one and two are the OTMxBK by Mosca. I'm gonnna run 5 for 2 lights.

Pic 3 is Alien Tahoe on the right, this was gifted by a great person I just can't say who. Lips are sealed shut. And another pheno of WiFi on the left.

Pic 4 is a shot of the AWC White Masters after some super cropping.

Pic 5 is a whole shot of the 5 OTM BK and a second angle of the Wifi and Tahoe.

Pic 6 is a shot of WiFi.

Pic 7 is a shot of a close up of some WMK

Pic 8 and 9 are a close up of the OTM BK

I can't speak highly of A1 enough, GOD has done so much leg work into making what I would consider the perfect nute line especially with people like me who wanna go as organic as possible. The soil is so rich in everything that I'm just gonna do plain Ro and CalMag as they don't need any food, until the flowering stage.

Gonna throw up screens this weekend and weave the ladies and get em used to their new homes.

Then 10 days more veg and then the real show is on. I'm gonna doc weekely so we can watch this room blow up!!:banana1sv6::banana1sv6:


This is amazing grow to follow. I'm super curious about how the white strains/crosses will do. Way to go bro!


Thanks bro.

I'll update on sunday with flower shots at 5 weeks on my 10 week room. They really are blowing up despite the RA's. A1 is pulling them through!!

Everything is doing well. But then again I still gotta give the credit to GOD, I'm tellin yall his nutes and soil are great.

The super soil is worth $30 bucks a bag (even though its not that expensive, but i'd pay that), it has everything it in and I mean everything. I inoculated with a kilo of each of CAPs root and nute packs and I'm just gonna give water and cal mag. And ill use A1 ACT tea, molasses and some roots and these girls are blowing up. I couldn't ask for a more complete mix. Its all there and the micro life is going crazy in a good way.

And I may just do a 5k horz in the vert room as I'm a little worried about the space just not being wide enough for the middle 600's, because the OD's are huge, in fact I'm gonna transplant them into 20 gal smart pots as I think they will be root bound in the 10's. They have been vegging for like 8 weeks plus! I'm so stoked about them!!!

GOD your stuff is killin it and doing great, I can't thank you enough.


damn sorry to hear about those RA's and met not totally doing the job, I keep seeing more people say the same so I got caps pack to in case, glad i did

Good luck with all bro dont stress to hard your gonna have some straight fire real soon. :smiley_joint:


Awesome bro,keep it comin!


Thanks everyone. I need the good vibes.

The RA don't stand a chance. I think I got them figured out.

This will be the last round I have to battle them, i hope anyways, as I tossed some Moms that had them, I took cuts and to the bin they went. Sad in a way to throw away Moms that were in 10-45 gal smart pots, but I have too many strains anyways. I also used like 5 grams per gallon of met with all new transplants and caps foliar packs.

I also did an experiment, by soaking some rooter plugs in Caps Packs before Cloning and then just used some normal plugs soaked in plain ro water. And I'll be darn, in the ones soaked in caps packs rooted in 4 days! Thats the fastest I've ever had. The ones in RO after 7 days only a few have roots.

Update with pics tom.

I've been super busy, been helping install the A/C's. Gonna be rocking 42k btu per room and get the temps where I want them with all 1k's burning!! I'm so stoked.

Then gonna see how much leg room I have left for the extra lights in the vert room, hopefully I can squeeze the 5k in there and then I'll have a room full of Original D, and some Skywalker OG! Gonna be some monsters in there, 8 plants and 5k, all organic!!


Your setup looks killer, you've definitely got stuff figured out.


Ill be damned to, good news with your clones
what did you use caps tea>?


I used just his nute and root pack, and clonex gel.

Still behind on pics. Been getting the second flower room ready for the big flip, been getting everything in screens and what not.

I have enough power to do the additional 5k horz in the vert room, so thats good. But I gotta get to checking on the roots and make sure that aren't any RA's there. If there are, I may just take cuts and off of those plants and start over in that room. Not a real big deal.

Still fighting the RA's in the first flower room and I'm a little worried about how this room will turn out. We shall see!!

Maybe this weekend I'll be able to snag pics, I've just been so busy with this and work!



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HOLY SPICOLI!!!!!! You just blew my mind!!! Thanks for all the love, my friend. Your babies are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!


Did your cut of stardawg come from GoD? If so can you post some flower pictures?


Sorry farmers I've just been so busy and nothing is really happening yet in the flower room 2 as its still vegging. Screens are up and plants are just doing their thing. Gonna flip as soon as I think they are def ready. Hopefully like 10-14 days.

So far the plants in this room are blowing up and I have seen NO RA's but I'm gonna keep using CAPs Foliar and treating as if I do have them. I plan on feeding them 1 kilo of CAPs Foliar pack a week or so just to stay on top of it. Yea prolly overkill but I don't wanna deal with these fukers! Plus I'll be reusing the soil anyways. So if I can get it all under control is like an investment into the future.

After a close inspection of the vert room I decided to cut down the plants and take cuts. I checked the roots and I did see some RA's, not in full force but still there. I culled everything in there and threw the dirt and smart pots out and I bleached and cleaned the entire room.

I decided that since I'm cleaning up after my RA attack that I'm not gonna run the Vert room. Until I pull one round without RA's and am 100% I have it all dialed in and under control I don't wanna take the chance again. I'd rather wait and see then spend the time, money, and effort just to lose a RA battle.

So what I'm gonna do is just use that part as an extra veg spot as I redo actual veg room. I wanna switch it to vertical and re do the set up. Its in an enclosed trailer and is portable so I'm gonna make some changes in there. Plus I plan on doing a huge seed pop, and this could be my dedicated seed lab!

The current flower room is around week 6 and I'm taking it to 10 weeks or so and 6 of 7 lights are gonna finish up just fine, Not gonna be a homerun but will still be some fire. I'm gonna end up pulling one light at the 8 week mark and I'm gonna save that light for a BHO run. It seems to be the hardest hit by the RA's and I don't wanna chance any bud root or mold because the rest of the room is def gonna make it to the 10 week mark no problem.

I love me some BHO and I'll keep it for my smoke and I wanna make some rock carmel candies with it so its all good!

skywalkerOG ,
Yes my cut of Stawdawg did come from AWC but I haven't flowered it yet, I know I listed it in the flower room but I was mistaken for the Chem4OG, Last min before the flip I changed my mind on a few of them and I had forgetten about this.

thanks for the kind words! Couldn't have done it without you guys and gals! Now you know what I was hoarding all the strains yall had for! :banana1sv6:

In veg and gonna be going into first flower room after the trim session and major overhaul is gonna be:

White Master Kush
White Fire pheno 2
Azcuar Alien
Stardawg pheno 2 ( I have 2 cuts of this)
Skywalker OG
Alien Tahoe
Killing Fields
White S1
Chem 3

While yall were watching the super bowl I was busy transplanting the above into 5 gal's all A1 mix, cut with a little perlite. And brewing some teas!

Gonna keep doing some serious lst to get this ladies bent over and looking nice! :banana1sv6:

These should end up being pretty large, the way I like em.:character0053:

Got my buddies and such ready for the trim session, hopefully we can do it in a few days, 4 of us rocking hard.

I figure after trimming and resting for a day it will take about 3 days to flip the flower room. I'm gonna do a total overhaul to clean up after the RA's.
Gonna install a new floor. Repaint the walls. Fog the room with bleach and rock some ozone in there for a few days. I may even dump a tank of CO2 in there as well just in case any critters make it. And then fog with some chems before I introduce new plants into the room.

I also wanna re work the dehuy as I have a big trash can in the middle for the water it pulls out and it takes up too much room. Gonna hook up my condensate pump and get it all automated. I also want more air circulation and I'm gonna add more wall fans and fans for underneath the canopy. I"m also gonna put the trays on bed frames so I can slide them around much easier.

I also have to agree with a buddy here that has confirmed my thoughts after we were looking at my op and smelling around my Pre98 isnt a Pre98, My Original OG smells more like a diesel, and the sour d I have, I'm not impressed with. So I'm gonna drop everything except the Chem4OG, its gonna be the winner in the room. RAs haven't bothered this plant one bit even though it is infested with them. Elminating strains fast, but thats the fun part!

I'm excited to be rocking some better and confirmed genetics. The ones in the first flower room were somewhat a last minute find. I wish I had known about AWC back then. I wound't be battling RA's right now and would be ready to trim a homerun room! I was a little impatient but Hey live and learn.

I'll snag some pics as soon as I remember to put my darn digital camera in my car, that way after work I will have it to take pics!

I also just completed a 31 day tolerance break, no meds for a month. And I passed a home dt, just wanted to see how long it took to detox and I passed after a month. Now I'm puffin of AWC White Fire!! Feels good to be back


Solid Bro!

I think that's best, you had way to much going on at once and with the RA's you'll just be battling the whole time. Dont sweat genetics bro, We got you on all that. It's not about the money at AWC, it's about giving, he'll half of us don't even get paid. When the organic blends arrive in a couple weeks you can toss your watered down PBP snake oil, looking forward to you cleaning up the spot and getting organized, Capulators program is solid, I back those products all day long.

See ya next time you stop in.
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