19k, 20 Strains, A1 Nutes, A1 Soil, thanks AWC&GOD

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Thanks for the kind words! The A1 room is loookiiinnn GRRREEEAAAT. They are ready for the flip, I'll post up some updated pics as they are stretching through the screen and filling it up thick. Tons of new growth

Clonez have rooted! YEA boy, soon enough I'll be aphid free.

Yea that nug was def early, as its a bottom branch and was just something to do a tester on, and I wanted to see if the worst tray was gonna have to be BHO or if it was gonna be better then expected. Just to put it into perspective, I was gonna just toss this tray as I figured it would be garbage but it has turned out way better then expected!

Still a few weeks left for most of the strains in the first flower room. All these diff strains seem to be ripening at different times haha! Fun Fun. Some coming out this weekend some in the up coming weeks.
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