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Hello friends, thanks for fallowing my last one, i still have to post my dry pics but they will come with time...not too happy about the outcome but this one will be better..promised...lol
Still CFL- equivalent to 150 w a piece, i ll have 4 of them, 2 more than before. Some organic peruvian sea kelp for vegetation. Organic Peruvian Guano from Sea birds...Humus and Cow Dung...mixed with top soil, some MG Organic Blood meal and some MG Bone meal , and some perlite.....mix everything together in nice and meassure quantities and ready to Rock ...

This is the babies I am popping.
2. JackBerries F2 (germinated both)
1. El Monstre (germinating)
1. Basic Beer (geminated)
1. Bag-seed (germinated and it stinks in a good way)

Put of this ladies i am looking to keep only the best 3 ...and the other ones will be sacrifice....LOL


Cool where did u grow them...and obviously the light was above her right?
My seeds have germinated and have gorwn.
The JackBerry F2 is about 7 or so inches tall although i attached him to the grown SCROG i think....lol
The JackBerryF2 second plant still very small...not growing too much
The Basic BEer, i dont think its going to mkae it...looks very fragile and doesnt want to grow at all ...
The Mystery Plant from a Bag...its small but ita going to be bushy i think....This plant, by only touching the leafes it leaves my fingers smelling really skunky....i am going to have my hands full with it...
Ant last but not least The Mostre...he just hattched a couple of days ago too small to pay any attention to yet........
Well i will be postiong pics sooner than later...

I am also growing along aome Ivy plant and a White Wonder Tomate Plant....Cool Deal

check it out patroit heres a cfl grow i was playing around with in my spare time peace sun


In between uh!!! Lmao thats crazy...
Well i hope u are doing ok...did that plant ever give u flowers? Take Care Sun
ya one of them hermied, damn bag seed lol, it was mostly just for fun .& yes in between with a fan blowing right on them i was able to get the cfl,s 2 to 3 inches away.i used over 400 watts on that grow

this is the best pic i have left of one i let her mature a lot more than that though ,just the best p[ic i have left


Cool, did the buds ever get tight or were they all fluffy....Also Sun Where ur CFL blue spectrum...orwhite


Here We go !!!

Ok, here we started again.
The pictures goes as fallows:
1. Very small JackBerry...its funny bc its growing small and very compacted...any suggestions??
2. I will like for someone who knows about genetics to tell me what this is...or what it loos like. All i can say its that a friend gave me the seed from a bag of weed that was prettty decent. Its dark green and its stinks soo good. if u caress the leafs it smells potent as hell...
3. A Jackberry that I pinned down into the pot so it grows low is this call SOG i am not sure about terminology..I think i am going to pin it around the pot, circular motion..lol :character0111::character0111::character0111::character0111: 1969 TODAY

4. The temp is kept at 85 ish (30's C) and between 55% and 65% Humedity....They seem to like it like this...at night i close the door and the humedity spikes at 70%

Well guys give me some feedback and if anyone could really tell me what kind of plant is that 2nd pic......I would really appretiate....i know it will be hard to pin point the exact plant but from the family of what ....thanks

Almost forgot...i have a small, 4 days germinated El Monstre.,.. she is at the poch Sun bathing ...


Thanks ....uh..they never gave u tight buds uh....weird...did y see the JAckberry bud that u got from my CFL ? It was very tight but i think i have to work on it a little better....i hope everything this time goes as i plann.....take care


Ok time for an update although it seems like no one really cares. well no one but Sun....but hey i ll keep doing my best and i ll try to get back some viewers for this, my second grow.I think that alot of people were dissapointed with my first grow but hey, i couldnt help it my dog ruined the harvest...single handed....she did good....NOT!

Anyways here we go...

I took a couple of pics of the:
1. Mystery Smelly Ass its darker than JAckBerry in vegetation, the leafes altogether are bigger and the smell is pungent to say the least. (in the yellow pot)
2. The other one is my baby JAckBerry cant wait till she grows and gives me some flowers..she smelled sooo good last time.
3. The little ones in the cup are JackBerry the bigger of the two and the other one is EL MONSTRE....she is undecided on what she wants to do, to grow or to die.....
For record both of the bigger plants plants are pinned down to the dirt....so they grow low and throwing the branches up....u knowwhat i mean ....lol

Back to buisness i hope you are doing ok Sun.....
I am out of Weed and no way to find any around this forsaken place...


for some reason it didnt let me load the pix...so if they are not in this message I will try to do it later...maybe tonight maybe in 10 min ..who knows :anim_44: No it wont let me Darn it


i am glad....sometimes i like to look at the big shows but...just for the pics....i rather have 2 or 3 plants than all that massive plantation to worry and paranoy about.....imagine that



They seem to be doing ok...a little tip burn due to some feeding ...but now i knoe that they dont like it too much....so i will take care of that...let me try the pics again ...it hasnt worked lately....I think my Gf figure it out...it had to do with resolution?...i am not comp literate....will see...its kind of making me mad that i cant load..
The one in the Yellow pot stinks like Skunk...yum yum
TheJackBerry is just croosing by and growing by the day...an amazing plant, i think.
The MOnstre in the little cup, i think she is going to die and the other Little jackBerry is not looking like much but i am not too worry...I was going to keep 2 and it seems like a higher power is making the selection for me bc the other ones are not doing anything...they simply stoped all their development. .... weird but true.


Hey Sun...When do u think i should place them under 12/12...should i wait a little longer or start ??
how old are they are they showing there sex yet? id put em in the bigest pots you can fit in there veg em .they indy dom they look it veg em
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