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i think those are the biggest pots i have..lol
The yellow one is about 3 1/2 gallons i ll say, it used to be a lamp...lol the other one its a 3 gallon for sure. I dont have much room at the moment. I know for a fact that the JackBery stretches a bit once put into flower..thats way i have her growing like that.. she is pinned down into the dirt, kind of like tied but with out the rope or twisties.the other one i have no idea.
Hey its great that u are willing to help. I have found nothing but good people here, and you seem to be a good one yourself...I love this site and the peeps in it.
Thanks so much...Sun
you might fit 4 5 galon paint buckets in there & there cheap if they havent shown there sex yet just wait .& yes the way you have your jackberry tied down is great
hey patroit if you havent read it yet i recomend you check out indoor marijuana horticulture by jorge cervantes its realy good .i think youll like it..............peace sun


I will defenitly look into it, is it in Spanish or English..i am sure it comes in both uh?
Gosh got to go to work ...grrrrr....Darn it. I cant fit anything else for now Sun, but once o move out of this hell hole i will make a nice room


cool i ll search for it and see if i can get my hands on the book. Sun, this plant is sooo stinky man....soooo stinky. Never smelled anything like it before but i kind of like it you know? The JAckberry doesnt want to be pinned no more, so u need to tell me or guide me on how to tie her down...should i drill holes on the side of the pot and tie her to that....it sound like a plan to me but i ll wait and hear from u before i miss anything up!!!
Thanks man
What do u think i should do with stinky...i have no where to tie her to...the pot is ceramic u know...? well i ll wait and see
stinky doesnt need it at least not yet ............yes drill holes & do like you said ........did your plants show there sex yet?? if not i could try to help with that too.......i wouldent top any more
about wattage & paranoia

with cfl,s dont go by equivalant watts go with actual watts ,you have about 100watts in there.they say that 1000 will not be noticed in a 1 bedroom & 2000 wont be noticed in a 2 bedroom.ive got a 1000 watt & a big 8 inch vortex fan+ im suplementing with cfl........you can do what you want but i recomend buying a new cfl light every time you get a spare 10 $ up to 16 of em in that space. about 400 watts just blow a fan on the lights & get em real close.................................................................... big pots & more lights = bigger bud that way youll get bigger showier bud


i never toped my plats..never had...anyways.
I have more bulbs..i think i have 7 more or so ....i do not have anywhere to plug them into.... i was thinking of putting more bulbs when turned into 12/12...no they have not shown sex yet i have them on 24 hrs light. i will drill when i get home tongiht and try to add anothe rlight, they are under 3 CFL right now but i ll try to put more if possible.
Thanks man...i ll look around and see what i can find.
Peace and thank s
just wait they will show there sex under 24 hours then they will be ready to flip over to 12/12 but if you veg em longer they will give you more bud peace budd


ok, well i ll keep veging them till they decide to turn into whatever they turn into. Then i ll keep them under 24 hrs for another week or so and then i will flip them to 12/12 ...
I hope that Dingleberry kush turuns out to be a fem, but i dont care anymore whatever she is i will keep for future plans.
So sun, a question. Will 1000 Watts show in my electric bill very drasticly? my problem is that i dont want the electric companny to notice any energy wasting....so if i have 1000 watts for 2 or 3 plants...will that be enough and will it show in my bill....if it does how much more than the norm u think 1000watts will run me? extra 20$ or more.....
Thanks Sun
ya shouldent be to bad. for that space go with a 400 1000 & you have to deal with the heat it puts off.then your talking about getting ventilation ducting & airconditioning.its an expensive set up .................ultimatly you want to get a 1000 watt its safe if you follow a few safty rules . it doesnt hurt me to bad in power................................................cfl,s realy arnt the way to go ive found that cutting corners costs more in the long run(1000watt is to much for that space)


cool. i ll wait to change to a higher watts system, till i move out of here into a new house. I think i will have more space and it will be safer for me and the plants...specially my clothes that are still in there with the plants LOL.
I think i will buy a closet from IKEA or built one and go from there...i still dont understand much about the ventilation system, or for that matter i have no idea what a ballast does....i am not very smart when it comes to electric gadgets. I am sure that u can help me out Sun...
I really appretiate your help man..is like someone placed u to look over me and i really love that...lol thanks man
morning patroit ill help out with what ever i can .people sometimes forget that we were all new to this at one time.dont get anything over 400watts unless your prepared to get a nice vortex fan or something as nice peace


If funds allow ditch those cfls and get a T-5, get a sun blaze or New Wave(which is what I recommend), and just use a few of those cfls as supplemental lighting You need to drop that humidity down when the lights are off, not sure what kinda space your working with put a 70w or 150w hps would be an idea too, but your temps are already at 86 which I wouldn't go any higher than that.


high guy's, thought i'd drop in and show you my old CFL
fixtures. ...note that with the splitters i had 8 bulbs per
fixture and all the bulbs were either 23watters or 26's.
...so approx. 200watts per fixture.

that first pic is of when i was making the transition from
DWC back to the dirt, i'd discovered DrBudGreenGenes SOG
and decided to make the switch.

anyway, lol, in that first pic you can see my DWC's, each
was 27 quarts and each had 8 plantlets, at the time i was
running a SOG and harvesting one DWC every 2 weeks and
yielding approx. 1\4 lb per bin, and all with nothing but CFL's.

i've also included some shots of some of the buds from
those CFL's, and the buds were very nice, maybe not
as nice as HPS, but still very respectable.

btw, my new bud box is running 2x 150watt HPS bulbs
so i'll soon know for sure whether they grow better bud
than my CFL's did, so far they're lookin' pretty nice, lol.


thanks guys. Bozo thats some nice CFL set up. WOWOW
Hey i am going to try to fin one of those bellair things...it will help me alot. I think that i cant run anythign else where i am now, bc i am doing it in my closset...so it will defenitly spike the heat index way up and my hum as well, maybe not my humedity .
I am running as of now 4 CFLs 42 watts so i am running 168 total watts ...so something like 84 watts per plant.
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