5 Most potent strains out there

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g13 - the real one
Chem Dawg OG Kush S.D. Headband (and most combinations there of)
p91 seriously takes the cake. I smoked nothing else for 8 months and it still worked just as well as when i had it occasionally. (nothing like it since 2004)
l.a. killa
stick it to the wall.

never heard of p91.. whats that supposed to be?


I only grow from seeds easily available online. I prefer cerebral effects to be dominate.
Top 5 for me in no special order:
Sams sk1Xoriginal haze
Super silver haze
Apollo 11 (just one of the 3 phenos)
Lemon skunk
Have grown 100's of strains from breeders seeds and nearly all are excellent. I'd pick an excellent breeder, like Mr Nice and start looking at all his strains. It's all good! Currently growing SSH, Nevs Haze and trying a new (for me) breeder Barneys red dragon.


-1991 Chemdog
-the real deal Mass Super Skunk (done right)
-Mass Durban Poison
-Indiana Bubblegum
-Captain Berry

..Couldn't list just 5.



Triangle Kush + Chernobyl hands down the two most potent imo. I would say sour d comes in behind both of those.


chem , og , bubba would probably be my 1 vote, trainwreck. or how about a cross of the four?

The Lone Freak

Don't know if seeds are available - anyone? Would love to find VB seeds! ...
Vietnam Black will send you flying like none other!

Also very good Sativas are Thai and Colombian Gold.

Haven't tried Durban . . . yet. - or Haze.

Skunk #1 is very good, but definitely not in the top 5.
devious d

devious d

ive grown out all kinds of strains sensi star (original) chronic, white russian, jack the ripper to name a few but a little spliff of compressed landrace jamacan when i was in the big house in a class of its own


i dont think the term 'most potent' can exist with cannabis, soo many variation.
But if you get a chance snag raskals or cali connect seeds or top dawg. all have some fiyah

yeah so much potency out there these days, you cant say one strain is better than the rest:rollj:

you want top genetics for good rates hit up

Mr Nice seeds

these guys are what you call real breeders and they could sting your ass but charge fairly:)


i couldn't make a list...after you have smoked so many strains it all kinda jumbles together...either its potent or not....and IMO after potentcy, the tastes and smells are what make the experience.

Jarles Moby

The strongest strains I have come across in all my samplings are

Chemdog 91 (one of the few that is so strong I can't enjoy it)
SSH 97 (psychedelic and spacey)
Sensi Star
Larry OG
NorCal Lavendar

John Ditchweed

something like this..

Mamba... Chemdog D x bubba what else needs to be said

pestilaince... just as good as mamba and maybe even a better look to it

blue dog... prettyiest weed i have ever laid eyes on

nevilles x SSh... the best sativa for me but I havnt judged many

blanco kush.... this stuff could put a tweaker asleep if smoked enough... very strong hope you dont have anything to do after smoking type weed

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