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Moved, lost over half flower tent in process fma, most of veg survived. Still need to put up extra layer of dark tarps or plastic around flower tent so I can get better ventilation & temp control. Gonna stake those 4 & add them to 5 in tent when lights come on tonight.
Sour 91, triple threat skunk, og kush, chem dog 4

Got clones (males sour 91, gmo sourdubb x Wilson, moonshine haze, moonshine haze x ecsd) & seeds started

Guess I missed 1 when watering (watered & will perk up within few hours hopefully)


Sorry about the lighting guys.
Blue dream auto is close to done, white lightning hates me (tried various things for a couple runs but it just turns yellow no matter what I do) but is about halfway done, skywalker og & superman (too tall so she got massive tie down) been in about 3 weeks, c99 been in about a week & I'm just gonna see how she does with no tie downs, the other 4 were just added.
A little burn on couple I replanted & gave full nute dose to at same time but everything other than the white lightning is looking decently healthy given the circumstances. Wanted to let them get little bigger before I flipped them but I'm in a crunch, I get grumpy when I have to buy weed



Oh p.s. I harvested the freebie seeds I got from Masonic, gmo sourdubb x Wilson & its absolute fire. I fully recommend this strain, amazing smell, taste, high. All 3 seeds germed 2 female & 1 Male. 1 girl grew more sativa like & other more bushy. They both had basically same good high tho (male is cloned & ready for use). I even forgot to cut & hang last 1 & it dried whole in its pot with no cure & still smoked great, nothing but praise for this strain so far because I tortured the crap out of it & it never hermed or gave bad quality, I seriously took them up to about 3000-3300 ppm feeds & they still came out like champs
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