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Need more lights lol always
Gotta get veg tent back in shape now, let a few things get little outta control while I was trying to get flower tent straightened out. Clones are coming along, seedlings doing great other than needing more light, boys are surviving, that sour 91 girl such a bitch that I got tired of trying to clone her & stuck her in flower, either the clones will take or they won't, popped new seeds from that anyway View attachment 1039490 View attachment 1039491 View attachment 1039492 View attachment 1039493
Gonna test runoffs tonight to be sure but I think it's time for some nutes or a good flush on a couple of them, putting more into flower soon, rooting is happening (even with the jacked up way I did it this time lol)


Well, I had to upgrade, too hot with 2 lights in 4x4 so I ordered this, hopefully it will be here in about a week, temp & humidity is programmable, I'll have to get duct reducer (or whatever its called) tho, they were out of 4" so got 6"

Did you get the reducer? Are you pushing air or pulling air to/from the the smaller end?

Reason im asking i need to pull air with an 8in fan from a 6in outlet. Need to know if air flow will stay the same, increase, or decrease? Thx
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