Bag seed cmh 315 grow

Hey all, this is my first grow diary, not my first grow but I don't have much experience either. Please feel free to throw any advice my way as I am sure I will need some.
Vivosun 315w cmh fixture and balast with a ushio 3000k bulb. Started the first week or two with a global star 300w led panel with UV&IR in veg mode. 4x4 tent. Soil/coir.
I had saved an assortment of bag seeds that were from decent weed. All were labeled per strain and we're waiting to be germinated. Then in September, on my Birthday I packed my first bowl of the day and found a very nice seed, I set it aside and decided fate was telling me it was time to start gathering my setup.
Skip a couple months to December, I selected 14 beans, and germinated them old school, in wet paper towels, in sandwich bags, in a drawer. Two days later I had twelve cracked and shooting roots, ahh it must be fate, my legal limit. Anyway, I started all in jiffy seed starter in paper cups in a heated seed starter. Two days later all had popped up and seemed to be doing nice under the global star led. In fact, better than I figured since they didn't seem to stretch at all the first week. Here are some pics of them in the starter.
There is 1 Durban kush, 1 princess Leia, 1 Starkiller( b day seed), 4 black cherry OG, 5 Silver Cyndy.

Dec 13, 2019. Several days after popping through soil. I was using a warm humidifier and space heater to control temps and RH.
Dec 14, 2019 I reported the largest 5 ( that's all the pots I had on hand) into 1/2 gal pots using Mother earth Coco peat mix.

Bare with me, I was not as prepared as I would have liked but? The cups already had roots poking out the bottoms and I was feeling impatient.
Fast forward to Dec 20, 2019. I potted the rest into 1 gal. nursery pots using Mother earth Coco peat, I mixed in some Mychos brand granular innoculant and watered all in with fish and kelp blend. They all did great with no shock.
Dec 31, 2019 I bought some more mother earth Coco peat and repotted the largest 3 into 5 gal. Smart pots. I thought I had enough soil for 6 but was incorrect. I added Jobes general purpose 4-6-3 granular feed , Mychos and watered in with fish and kelp. Again, no signs of shock. I had also topped all of the plants a day or two earlier. All took well to topping.
Jan 4, 2020 I went to get more soil and while at the grow store it was suggested that mix of fox farm ocean forest and mother earth Coco coir( just coir) would be better. So I decided to try it out. I also bought some down to earth 4-6-3 granular fertilizer. The guy at the grow store also gave me some Mychos innoculant as a sample to try. I went home and repotted 6 more of the largest plants with this mixture, a 1/4 cup of down to earth fert., 8teaspoons of Mychos, and watered in with the innoculant. Again, no shock.
Some yellowing on leaf edges of soil mix #1 plants. Top dressed 1/4 cup down to earth and watered in with Mychos innoculant. Not sure what it is but doesn't seem to be spreading.

Any advice on it would be appreciated. I do not PH adjust my water, I only have a pur filter on my faucet. I am on City water and my water ranges from 8-6.5, Temps are pretty consistent at 73-75 and RH jumps around a bit from 30-60%. Only on 2/3 plants, the other has very slight mottling on a few established leaves.
They are looking pretty good!

As for the yellowing. It's a deficiency of some sort. Could be brought on by nutrient lockout due to improper ph.

I would start with phing your water or using RO water. It might just fix itselfnif your ph is correct. Or you may need something like calmag if the ph doesnt correct it..

Gool luck mang!
Yellowing has not spread but mottling is on two plants, does not seem too bad yet but trying to stop it before it does. It is not on new leaves but is on all but bottom leaves. Picked up some cal mag, worm castings, and a liquid type pH tester ( to guage pH pen) My pH pen also came in yesterday. I tested my filtered water from the faucet and the liquid tester showed 6.5-6.7. the new pH pen showed 6.9. I made some worm tea and bubbled it for 12 hours, added the cal mag and microbes and retested at 5.3ph. is this reading correct? Or can I not read with solutions? I diluted my solution with 1/4 ratio with water to bring it up just in case. Should I be adjusting after solution is made? And can I trust a pH reading of a solution? I also did a TDS test and it came out to 340 before diluting. Here is a pic of them last night.

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hey dude, im new to pH pens too and noticed in my use that they need resetting/ calabrated regularly. just trying to help, mine needs recalabrating after 10 days of use. i dont use storage solution yet.
hey dude, im new to pH pens too and noticed in my use that they need resetting/ calabrated regularly. just trying to help, mine needs recalabrating after 10 days of use. i dont use storage solution yet.
Cool, thanks for the heads up, I would not have thought it would need calibration that often either. I will make sure to check it often. I got a vivosun brand in a kit with TDS meter. It has a vent hole in the back and a drop of water got in the first one and started reading 00.0, got a replacement but it is not water resistant like the ad says so I guess I'll have to be more careful.
So I started checking pH and found my water is running 6.8-7 so I figure it's ok for soil. I have not been watering to run off so I figured I would to check everything out. So here are the numbers that came up. .
Temps range from 61-63 at night, 72-75 day. I run negative pressure 24/7, 18/6 light schedule about to switch if my plants are safe.

The two that have slight mottling were pretty close
pH in6.8. Ppm in 50
pH out 6.5 ppm out 950
Water temp in was 70.
The rest were also grouped fairly close.
pH in 6.8 out 6.5
Ppm in 50 out 1100-1400
Water temp 70.
Is 1100-1400 too high? I almost want to say 950 is low because those plants have slight issues and the others do not. Keep in mind I used dry fertilizer mixed into the soil. I am thinking the issue is a deficiency of some sort, maybe the fertilizer used is down to earth general fert. 4-6-3. I will start to pH any liquid feed from now on. Are these numbers ok or should I flush before switching to flower? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Here is a pic of the garden as of this afternoon.
I found deficiency pics matching my issue on grow weed easy. It was easier for me to pick out an actual photo than to look at a chart. It seemed to be a very slight potassium deficiency. It was on all leaves from the bottom to the top except new growth. Since my soil pH was a little higher than 6.5 I watered with 6.0 water twice and the deficiency went away. I was going to add potassium but was not sure if the plants could handle the added ppm's it would cause. Anyway, problem solved and switched to flower as of tonight when lights on cycle starts.

Here is a pic of potassium deficiency.

Here is a shot of the canopy

Here is one of female pre flowers
Day 9 of flower,
Everything looking good. No more signs of deficiencies, (thanks @BigCube for the pH and cal mag advice). I have been feeding bubbled worm tea with molasses. I bubble 24hr at least, then add 2ml/gal of true plant science cal mag and recently started adding FF big bloom. I think I will phase out the FF soon though as it takes 15ml/gal which is less cost effective than some alternatives. I feed 1/2 gal. Per plant every other day and water in between.

Anyway, I removed and disposed of a male a couple days ago. I have another I was thinking of breeding as it has very large trunk, smells strong. Was thinking of collecting pollen and manually pollinating a couple buds but not sure yet. I don't have experience in breeding, so not sure if I want to deal with it.

So far I have the following plants
1 Durban Kush
1 (unknown) found on my bday
2 black cherry OG
Black cherry OG
Princess Leia
2 silver Cindy

Here are some pics.


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Those CMHs are beasts!

I absolutely love mine! I run 630s though, i get way more weight with my DEs, but my personal smoke is allows grown with the CMH. Literally night and day difference on quality! Good choice in my personal opinion!