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I want to know if enzymatic action on commercial nutrients creates a sugar or a type of fermentation.


So what is the conclusion on what the best enzyme product is?

I like how Hygrozyme has 4 or 5 different enzyme strains in it

I was also highly considering buying kelp4less' enzyme powder. But I think this is just a single enzyme strain? It's not multi-strain like Hygrozyme is?

What about the Bio-Cozyme that was suggested?

I'm doing DWC & I know Hygrozyme states that it is safe to use with bennies.

Is kelp4less' powder or Bio-Cozyme also safe to use with bennies?


So after reviewing the ingredients in Bio-Coyzme, it seems it is not a live/active enzyme culture.

It also contains Natural Occurring Cytokinins, Hormones, Enzymes, Vitamins, Amino Acids And Micronutrients

Since I'm already adding my own amino acids and B vitamins as well as micronutrients, I think I'm removing that one from my choices.

I think it sounds like a great product, just not what I need or looking for.

Can anyone comment on kelp4kless' enzyme powder vs Hygrozyme 4 enzyme strain blend?

Kelp4less says this about their enzyme powder: Water Soluble Enzymes derived from the Pepsin family of Enzymes

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