Bo's Stash

I cut her down. Not my best with her this round. Rushed to finish for some reasons. But she's one of my favorites. I have been keeping her for 2years. She's a shorty and bushy. Definitely better multi-topped then single cola. Nice sour berry flavor and smell. I'll dig up some older pics.
Mosca makes the raspberry boogie. His pineapple mayhem is one of my favorites too. Yields for me are few ozs per plant. I don't train them at all. Except maybe topping once. I dont veg very long either. But it's all for personal. From the looks of others I've seen, she can get large.


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Nice man! Filled out better than my cut. I've been following your blog. You have some monsters. Look for color change around 54 to 63 days. Still some of my favorite smoke.
Thanks man,I've been fighting those monsters as they got a bit too large.Lol
I was wondering about when she'd start getting those beautiful colors,thanks for the info!
Really looking forward to this strain. :)