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Great read ! How long can you keep the pollen stored and ready for use ?
Hey Bongstar let us know how you pollinate only certain parts of the plant! Cheers.


Bongstar, lay it on me. . . .

i have a awesome way to polinate only crtian parts of the plant so you can control your seeding and ruin your whole crop but still get as many seeds as you want. if your intrested hit me up ill let you know how.......

I was going to smear this stuff on the two white pistils and see what happens. . . . . . .


well red first you want to make sure the plant has about two months left so the seeds can mature. i take it your male is seperated. you know the pollen sacks on the male, well the day before they open i poke a tooth pick into the center of the pod. move your tooth pick around and you should get some pollen on it,if you dont wait and try agin in a day or two. using this method i can kill my males before they open and release all there pollen. its a very small amount but thats all you need. now hold you tooth pick inside a medicine jar or something like that, dont touch the walls just hold it in there so no excess pollen flies around. just go to your selected female and rub it on the pistols of the desired branch. you dont need much pollen. but repete as desired. after this you should see seeds fourm in a bout a week. if your crossing make plenty because alot will hermaph on you, take the stable females and a stable male if you get one and breed those together, do not pollinate the females with a hermaphodite, doing this will will stableize your cross and you can call it your own.


oh yea reddog give the plant alittle more time the more white pistols the more seeds youll get, if you do it to the first couple of hairs you wont get many. my advice wait 1 or 2 weeks till there are more pisstols. the method above has always worked well and have never had any acidental pollination. give it a try let me know what you think


Will do Bongstar, but it will be next season.
Hey, thanks for responding to the questions.


hey i have a few questions about collecting and storing pollen...

-once the males show sex, about how long will it take them to release pollen?
-ive read that collecting the pollen and storing in an envelope is ideal, how true is this?
-once i collect the pollen from the selected male i will put some pollen in a vial and enter the female plot. i will than rub pollen on the selected females lower branches with a q-tip. about how many seeds should i expect from 1 lower branch cola?
- once the seeds mature in 2 months should i just start harvesting them? and is there any further special needs in terms of storage or anything for the seeds after harvest?

thanks!:icon_stick man:


Hello everyone. I have never bred any strains but am interested in it for my own enjoyment. I am kinda confused on when exactly to pollinate. I have some male rocklock pollen from a previous grow that i want to use on an orange bud. Just for my first attempt. Not great strains by any means but for a first project i figure it will do. I chose him for the pollen donor because of quick growth, nice structure and branching, very strong chemical skunky smell and sticky fingers after touching. Very stinky little guy around 23". The orange bud female i want to pollinate a few branches on is from a clone i made from a previous grow. Her mother was very strong citrus skunk smelling, nice structure but not as heavy branching as the pollen donor, lots of resin, very strong high with a relaxed feeling of warmth then just happiness that lasted a long time. She is now on day 13 of flowering with hairs startin to come in nicely. When should i pollinate her. The mother i flowered for 61 days trichs were all cloudy barely turning amber. I am confused because i want mature seeds so i dont want to pollinate to late but right now there isnt a whole lot to pollinate. I would like to get 50+ seeds. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Im sure it is posted somewhere in the forum but i cant find an answer to exactly my question. Thanks everyone.


Great Thread Logic

Great Info. Thanks For Putting It Together For Us To Have Easy Access To It All on This Thread :smiley_joint: Good Lookin Out For The Welcome To THE FARM Too LOGIC. Peace :cool

- Golden_Child


Thanks for the great information. I will have to read it over and over as I get so confused. I hope that after a while I will finally get it. I would like to see a graph or chart that I could follow as to what cross should be next to do

Jah Leon

Interesting post, thanks for sharing that knowledge.

Will you post about the recombination of genes and breaking linkage or mutation by environment. I myself like looking at back crossing, four way crosses and three way crosses for hybrids but there is still so much about determining wild populations.



nice, its my dream to one day own my own grow room and make new strains and grow pot all day xD, thanks for the explanation of how it really works :p


I have been reading clarks Marijuana Botany for many years now, and when I finish, I start it again as it covers Mendells findings in depth as well. It has always amazed me how mendell, way back then, formulated these ideas without really much more foundation laid before he theorized all of this from his findings. He was the Tesla of plant genetics.


some interesting stuff here, makes me want to play more, will have to try to try my hand, and get me some beans to branch out with. I don't know much about the different strains, mostly interested in the plants best suited for benefits for pain
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