Cannabis seeds sent from Holland lead police to growing business


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Police tracking cannabis seeds sent from Holland discovered a cannabis-growing operation at the home of the recipient, the Christchurch District Court has been told.

Two rooms in Shanan Gotz's Christchurch house were converted for cannabis growing, with 60 plants between 50cm and a metre in height. Dried cannabis was found in the kitchen, along with cash, a P pipe and a tablet of LSD.

Gotz, 27, had told police it was for his own use, and that the pipe and LSD tablet dated to his earlier involvement with harder drugs.

Judge Raoul Neave said the operation was determined, and not the type where a few seeds were put in pots with the hope they would sprout.

Lawyer Pip Hall said Gotz probably did not realise the seriousness of his situation.
He had not sold any of the cannabis, and was assessed at a low risk of reoffending, Hall said.

Gotz admitted charges of importing a class C drug, culti-vating cannabis, possessing LSD and possessing a drug utensil.

He was sentenced to 235 hours community work, which took into account remitted fines of $7000.

He still owes $7000 reparation for earlier offending.

He also was sentenced to four months' community detention, with a curfew from 6.30pm to 5am.


wow man thats crazy

poor guy
does it say how many seeds
because if its a few packs thats worying
i dont send anything to my place but if they are going to the effort of raiding someone folowing a couple of packs of seeds,what else are they willing to do

it is geting seriously hot these days

its a shame,i feel for the guy but to send them to his place is a no no

at least the guy didnt do time

nice find logic

where did you find the article


Criminal By Force

60 plants, tab of acid, and a pile of be chewin gum on the hard here.