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Day 78 on the Toofless Alien. Still haven’t chopped. Probably could, but trying to push a lil more so lower buds further along. See previous post lol.
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Chopping the Toofless Alien tomorrow, so that’s that. Gorilla Butter f2 mom is on flower day 50. Buds continue to be odd, but getting fatter. My current best guess is she did not like the topping on top of not being a big yielder. Also I probably should of cleared out one more lower layer. Too much going on down there. Smells amazing though. Top smelling plant to date.
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Clones are two weeks since flip. Won’t top them. I flipped while still small based on how much the mom stretched. I did some aggressive defoliation last weekend and probably another round this weekend. Mini plant in the middle is in a solo cup (nm, I was feeding it when taking pictures). Others in fabric pots. Left side 3 gal, right side 1 gal.
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Started veg for next round in the closet. Some potential, so hopefully get a winner in there.
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Some trich pics from earlier this past week. You can tell it’s busy season for me, not my best pics lol.

Toofless Alien (just chopped)
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Gorilla Butter f2 - flower day 50 or so. Not as frosty (yet, fingers crossed), but super sticky and stinky.
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58 days from flip on the Gorilla Butter f2. Some time left, but frost starting to show up. Smells amazing.
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Clones of her going strong. Big defoliation again this past weekend. I did find some rando ball sacks. Like 1-3 per plant. I just pinched them since they only gals in here and I know this strain can throw them right around when I found them. All lower. Made right call in not holding any clones back. 23 days since flip. Solo cup not in pic since was being fed.
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Day 64 since flip. I’ve avoided partially harvests so far, but might have to on this one. The top few nodes getting close, but there a couple more layers. Frost really building and nugs, still small, getting fatter. Fading too. Might have to chop some next weekend. I’ll check trichs during the week.
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Next round 3 weeks old or so. Have in small plastic pots to try keep small until tent available.

Two Sugar Puss from Exotic Genetics. I thought one wouldn’t germ, popped another, and yeah.

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Then Truffle Breath from Freshcoast and G-Rolls from Square1. G-rolls was all weird and mutated. But first nodes were ok. So I topped it there. Seems fine.
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DFFEB484 7E7E 4D98 AFE3 AF5CE717A9E3
E8493AD7 82FE 42B8 ACFC CA2ABDEA06F9
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