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Next round stretching hard atm. Slowly defoliating and taking out nodes to manage the size.

CEE01D8B A764 4BFE A0C6 F4E3D5ACD16B
F51E179A C3A5 4D7D BE3D 36FE10942A8E

G-Rolls - (grape rock candy x banana butter cups) x Runtz from Square1
0EB71111 E343 4EC3 BDC9 9E40AD6A5192

Truffle Breath - Gorilla Butter f2 wtc x peanut butter breath from fresh coast
795A85BB F2FD 45F7 A988 C3A62852F63A

Sugar Puss - Cheetah Piss x Bakers Dozen from Exotic (x2)
BEE1F96D 7C2E 47DC A2F1 2368D1825936
7C97E1AF B3FE 45F1 AA9C 25A15CC2DE8F

Took two cuttings per before flip. Last two showed roots today, so that’s 8/8. Gonna try slow roll them to see how the moms do.
039E8914 D428 4FD7 B263 C6BDC0509E96

9F603E03 3AB5 432D AA88 9D04DFD6F047

Then we have the little competition autos. They like the new space. Doing lst to try keep the one short. 1 gal is (dbl grape x CDLC) x mango smile. Solo cup is strawberry nuggets x forum stomper. Both freebies from Mephisto (autoflowers).
33AA8E88 A8DE 461D B16E 086137CF4292
A68224B6 FE6E 4C80 8DA6 C74F62BE1A15
92DB6398 618A 49DD A9E5 7B894CB1C1C0
0C423BA5 A154 42C8 A9CB A3D96CBC211D


Other projects all moving along.

2x4 just shy of two weeks from flip. Can see the stretch if check posts from 12-14 days ago. Pretty intense. Propped up the sugar Puss gals. Guess they run shorter. G-rolls and truffle breath skying.
B6D4A2FD 8DCC 4738 B483 84F4A01A2EE6
50472321 23C0 4873 B3D8 2530DA0F9F1B
9D84CA62 A06C 4115 A0FA 410DFFC60A60
A8D92CC5 E1DF 492D 89F5 A66FE2EEA2C0
DAF9A6D0 7CFD 49E0 B931 C713BBAD53D2
D2A9BDC4 4039 4C2C 92C6 E13749B12A53

challenge autos going off too. Probably only a bit behind the 2x4. 28 days old here.
80BF5C0D 8CAB 434C 8D55 E591EFCD0F4A
BDF1161D 22F8 42FB A8AC 5DCBE06F6F37
187E936B AD76 4E9D BB78 88C026E5BA29
43F55E7F 8145 4E1D A40D 20DFF53FFF5A
40511DAC C29A 4CD4 8012 FC9F012C82B7

Clones seem fine. Basically want them to go slow and not die at the moment. Approximately 3 weeks and will have two bigger tents available.
32ECB406 5DB0 441C 8D32 894D554FA56F


Feels like first time in months I haven’t had something in mid/late flower.

Next run starting to nug up. Seems I can’t avoid crispy tips lol.

8D7DD6C4 8E97 4DB0 84A8 810DB3025AAA
15E3EE2A 76C8 42EC 8BEF 097B418A63CF

0F4083D1 70C0 4BC4 8465 A74A15D1AB82
120500B5 8B41 44D4 98AC BE1C32E946C9

View attachment 1234133

E53F1FD0 3D19 41E7 8CD2 A9FEB1342541

Truffle Breath

B0651750 4F47 41C1 B056 B6FD2376290E
5BB80D0B E118 44FB 865F C119774E7EA1
BA7B656A A837 4EAA BED8 C1E17F884247

Sugar Puss

9C4DAE93 A637 47AE 819E 439F9445E2AB
756E1D15 2425 400F 95C3 570D673223D2

Clones of all waiting on their fate to be decided.

498E4619 2747 4004 A8FD 35803AFCA2FA

Challenge autos doing alright too.
FAB1488E F1B5 4629 996A 85D8E6F40227
400FA76F 0330 4C31 AB93 C9292A7C7526
723F52AA 7B3C 4971 BD16 8C974DFD4AF6
D0FC2174 985A 4A22 9D57 292F2075DFC9
77AA70A5 05C8 4E78 8817 4BC357009C5B


So I’ve been thinking. What if I don’t get a new light for 4x4 and instead get something badass for 5x5. Around a week to decide as I plan to hit 4/20 sales. Anyways, gals seem alright. I’ll dump pics below.

208799F9 20D4 438A B5C0 16F63DC28CF3
9CCA6640 AF31 483A 955C A98DFD1D03D6
846EFF05 CD1A 43BE BE02 8C49E3B069DE
613BA573 252E 4247 A8CD E5039E910813
2680DB63 9DA1 4E11 ADF9 B2241A49A1A3
59ACF8B3 B9F8 4DD7 8922 6D088AE2FF25
8BF105B1 4396 4ED0 94B1 F79BC9AB6915
17682892 BCA2 4C73 BA6C 6611BD3E770D
3ABA9D8B 3951 4E4C A2B8 16226C0F28FA
2666E482 2301 424B B2AE AAE304B5FBF3
4CBF0410 5B57 4F4C 9F1C 90E89D19D76C
6B9DCA38 41D8 455C AD4A 132405B7B0F2
8B60667A 73E4 4D28 9E4C F53641228D3E
22B8E004 C788 47C4 ABDE 5F4086FC3FA3
99AC1FC4 7F35 43C3 BEC5 CD6574DC9E43
4B48972E C3CC 46A9 9D69 B214AFE07543


I think I’ve decided on my light route. Now for the best deal to present itself.

Early flower galore over here at cat hair farms. That and clones getting tall. Idk what to do with them yet lol. My one buddy has no space. Maybe take cuts off them to buy time? Idk. Pics below.

76E696FD A0E7 4738 8760 CAF64C7EF54A
29812258 F4C9 440E 93DA 66DC8F29B751
2BEC9491 9845 475F A1EC DAC5D21066BB
2C1024AF 270A 4F65 B643 A2806F37E729
FE30F68D 3BEB 448F A8D4 123C64B3E4D4
B10F9C1D FA67 488A B9BE A55555433998
45CCCA5F BFE4 4895 8591 3A95F728AB21
A9877C97 D4A6 4208 B0F1 E4C47BE0A1B3
3F23BAE0 3781 4917 9BE5 9122B6E8C9C3
2332F65B CBDD 493F B997 4D83B2232608
471A20C5 9C8E 4F2C 9196 EC4F26BC29CC
C57CA344 F99A 4D9C 91B0 A6E0A3D68F00
FFE25910 C94D 49E0 BDC0 A2D1581697C3
A680E4F3 CBD2 4CF3 A4A7 E5F653DB3CAF
06D1B2F6 1BF2 45E0 88F6 70197D54ACC4
203EA644 B5C9 4232 8F9F 9E56AFE6886A
62B7375E 6FB7 4C41 95DF 5D9EA4B18345
61E95318 0400 4D79 B4B0 2702ACBC80A0


These gals showing frost potential. Starting to show their flavor profiles too. Exactly what I expected, so that’s nice. G-Rolls has the fruitiness id expect. A nuttiness for the Truffle Breath. Light ammonia from the Sugar Puss.

87267228 635C 4F88 8F07 EE79A0FACE16
D1391F7A C3C3 44F5 910E 4ABFB87BF3B6
48AF1403 A956 4629 821F 350442A4CA74
23B64289 7052 4C3E 869B F1B1A00131A4
1BC5931C F878 490E 879D C6ACEC290807
AC4EAEB3 8A92 445B 8D09 2CE61A8A6F8D
C0F5FB18 93B9 4BEE 8C64 61ACF7D60384
3013E0B0 9F8D 4580 8C32 41EACE5CB6ED
6E6E2B07 828F 44F3 B0AA FFC6B97E01D5
C722E33A 0DD6 4647 9E7B CD6056233682
2B548231 5517 4627 8D25 2FF1617DDC41
5D1C4959 7D0D 4BC0 AE52 EBD5442D197B
2E66DEEB 95EF 4D9F 8ECC 187FE5D8011D
C2358836 1C03 42E0 B4EA BB4238A76B2E
2239637E EAE4 4BE1 8FB4 F658FB9F122E

Challenge gals need a new home. Specifically the 1 gal lol

E0524F67 E2D4 442C BE09 245E91FF5ADE
6AF7F239 CC7A 4667 AC12 8843DC8B3079
06B7D2B7 A85F 4138 BD9E 3E737F7D82F1


Went to start trim last night and just not quite there. Will try again tomorrow. Mom came out of cure the other day. This shit is good. So that’s a nice feeling.
651B6AD9 A25D 4CD5 A287 9E48287DEC34
82A51D73 AAF7 447D B5D2 D08B32E65ACC
69E7B746 1CB2 4A62 BD6F 5BFBA674A13E
0508A1B7 5FE6 489E 8656 130D060F1FB9

Next round doing well heading into week 5. Smells and frost getting going. Seems like stretch finally done.
88A68358 5E40 4CD7 B560 94EF24939032
36287AC9 1934 4801 9BA1 805CE8C2F3F3
C3977F29 DFDD 4FDF 847A 4A2E1B737261
AD688C2B 9AEB 436E B905 988774A35DDC
FE297174 F654 47ED 8581 735067669D53
2E2342C2 188A 41EF 805E 32EFCAB48608
E0770DFC 5FDA 4B76 919C 7A866EB6EE84
FA954A37 55AB 46F2 8B21 00CD69BA11C4
2B0B7019 EDF1 465A 90C4 3E0DE67EAB36
4C3680B1 7B93 404B A16D F02A369AC4E4

Clones of above doing well too. Final found a taker for some of them. My dad lol. He’s gonna try grow them outside. Will be interesting.
4AF0DF68 4DC8 4356 9467 D5A8D54F1887

Then I have my challenge plants. Doing well, but 100% out of space. Need to trim plants I mentioned at the top in order to free up space. Then these ladies will have 3 more feet to work with.
EB442AD8 28D5 4101 A861 051C7921B2B2
CD39F54E 1C8E 4259 8DCA CF2019713326
BA5F01AF 6EE6 4DFF 9024 E05B5A2F822B
B2F658DB 4A20 4F42 A83D D0CBE552A826


Just getting trim going tonight, so gonna be a busy few days. 2x4 seems to be doing alright.
58814944 4C19 410F 8A62 21147B38CC39
80981FED BFD4 4085 ADB6 50FABAAE6B46
B465FE65 BAA9 481D 9CD9 88E7F98BC529
583BEB81 1671 4AB1 8A73 0C8146D804FF
98328D5E 8795 41A9 AF77 8C8D36D6D51F
42FD1D8B F75C 49A7 878F B806FAD1A535
AA1975C6 DEDD 45AE A9E0 7309A7CF28D9
31092720 CC7F 48AF BBFE E6D460AEE8BD
27E73EF3 D92D 4602 8167 5A98D673646A
6B93D83F E9FD 41FA 9066 8A9FACF9E48E
4A98DC64 6353 4DD0 8BC8 EE65FA27DDCC
EC8720F8 B04A 4D1F BBED 76749F26B108
9C9C37D4 97E1 4124 B760 67F4750E5817
743490D6 AD5A 4548 B0DE 2671519CFBFB
B8490130 EBD4 487F 9AE2 8CE9D6FEB641

Clones getting big. Might have to top the tall ones if I keep them.
D5D57FAD B951 409F BCA2 E6367EFCDAD3

Challenge plants also desperately need the taller space. Well, the one gallons does.
D7199D7A 62A7 4D25 B50B 6FA53E4BD4ED
C5D0A907 F6C0 4BA8 AE8D 41D835A0F4ED


Man. Finished busy season right into full time weed stuff for a few days. Dust sort of settled now.

Finished trim if the gorilla butter f2 clones.
451EDA4E 2A84 4FCA B16A FB00B5412C6A
F87C11AC EDDA 4799 990C EDE5629571AB
EAEBAAE4 A6A6 427F A36D BC790B0641F8
B80AF4CA D365 41E6 9C7F 2579BB58041B
EE308438 03B6 473E BD86 8906D9B3A1A3

Also emptied 4x4, moved it, moved plants into it, and started cleaning equipment.

468B32B4 80C1 49BC B01E 744B068DC214
FAB2A369 8AFC 4739 A981 8A45A1C49A70
04453D8E ACDD 4D38 B235 067782353FCD
27A28121 0D14 4AC9 905A 986690D87998
C7D28F11 E8F8 4A18 80B9 AF9FEED58D0F

5x5 should be up by next weekend. I have decisions to make on what to run next.


2x4 seems to be doing alright. Think gonna be some smaller nugs on some of these, but that’s ok. Could of vegged longer and ran pretty cool for awhile.
DDEF28FF BAE3 4962 A32B 0A2C11762046
10751A8C 1B9A 48DE BE91 76FFC2684801
6B4F8CD9 E708 4376 A212 B9BC2F6ED374
078EDB97 D2F0 4F76 B24E 6AC883238F69
3DFB07CA 05DC 4752 846E 9F5373603798
222EFC65 9C6C 4D4A 99DF 8B722E1ED60D
EEDDB687 1EBC 459B B438 CF751BFA4FD4
C9FFD8ED 9EF4 4B16 8B69 FBC6D0793A5E
5FE2B5A2 A20A 4D6F 93D3 FBC14CCA16EF
267EF990 C90F 413F BCCE 45B47B00F747
19E897BB E812 4FC1 9F8D 3D0A7616CD0B

Flowering gals in other tent seem solid. The taller clones seem sad. Not 100% sure why. Too much light, need more nutes/water, something else. Pops coming by to take some tomorrow. Will reply those I keep and see what happens.

36C63949 52DF 4786 827F 11C768A2DE03
0B67D9DF 88CE 4131 A27D 9E1A5A2FA6D2
BA595DCC D606 4E6A B15B 135C37CE9348
CC6D7729 DDD0 4135 9670 ADA90D69CF99
BED80B8A F056 4304 821D EA2D6805C81D
D4BCD4D9 7489 43D7 B8F7 27491478D1C7
BA12BA68 B9EC 438C 8DE8 17210CED8C98


Gonna move the gear board to one of the sides and move the cmf bar so back panel accessible
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