My boy is a lab pit mix, Looks mean as hell, and has that reverse brindle with gold/brown lines.

People flip out but he doesn't have 1% of aggression in him.
Was thinking doing some training because he's too much of a softy.


lol, has he ever been around during and arguement or fight? Does he get amped up at all? My pup is just now distinguishing hostile behavior as well as his territory. Seems to be all the little dogs that pick a fight with him.


Fear Not!
Our 6 mo. old Greatdane pup is at the stage where he is showing us that he will protect us. Barking at Nipped at the ups man couple days ago..I yelled and smacked him in the butt.

But He is just a puppy and not very brave yet.
I have fun scaring him at night in the yard...LMAO
Is that ok to do? (Snickering)

I figure it will toughen him up...and its funny to see :)


Very valid points however, as far as a watch/guard dog for a grow op I want the meanest mo/fo the pound has. This isnt a dog that goes home with you its a dog that lives outside amongst your plants, protecting it day in and day out. Definitly not a dog to get attached too.


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Our Pit

She's all white and about 80 lbs., one day my wife thought it would be funny to 'scare" her. The dog was in our pen connected to the back of the house, where I had just bought a new 225$ screen door. My wife put up her hood on her sweat shirt, put her arms up, and ran at the fence roaring. The dog turned and ran straight thru the new screen door and up stairs to the bedroom, leaving a trail of piss the entire way. Don't think it was good training but it was funny as hell, except the fucked up screen door and trail of piss we had to clean up. She's a good dog but we live in the woods off the beaten path so she thinks there's like 20 people in the world. Hope everyone is well, take care

We also have 3 other dogs and 3 cats(not a cat lover but my wife is)


everyone here is pretty much on the same page,any dog will work. but i would go with a breed thats know for b eing a family dog / gaurd dog. ive only worked with pits and when they are worked the wright way they are some of the best dogs, but if i couldnt have a pit i would have a gsd.
I have pitbulls.. 1 time I tried 2 scare my female pit I put on a mask & jumped the fence & tried 2 run up on her.. It backfired she ran up on me & tried 2 bite me I was the 1 that got scared i had 2 rip my mask off & tell her it was juss me.. She almost bit the fuck out of me.. I never learn so I always try that same trick on my male.. He is my meanest dog & hates anybody but me or my kids.. I put on a mask & jumped the fence but that dog always knows it's me he juss waggs his tail & gets all excited every time I try 2 scare him..
I am a MASTIFF ..we have on our farm; Turkish Mastiff (Anatolian Shepherd),Spanish Mastiff (Presa Canario) x Brazillian Mastiff(Fila Brasiliero) and of course my boy Samson the Bull Mastiff. I will try and get a pic of them all together...we bred our presa/fila female to Samson and produced some solid pups. We kept 1 pup and he is 94 lbs. at 6 1/2 mos. being fed raw diet since he could chew. These dogs are extremely stubborn and very strong willed...I am constantly on them and they need alot of patience when training. Visitors are few and far between around our place...our dogs will not accept any food or favours from anyone period. Guarding/protection comes naturally to the Mastiff breed, our Fila x though is a different animal altogether...she flat-out lives to hate on strangers or trespassers... the faithful bitch she is!

Samson at 8wks.


Samson & Son

Samson & Bella (Anatolian Mastiff)

Samson & Gypsy (Spanish x Brazilian Mastiff)

Here is the 94 pounder at 6 1/2 mos.

I hope you dont mind the pics.