Every harvest i cannot get that piff smell, continues to smell like hay although it looks amazing??? Help

every harvest i have dried every different way, in smaller nuggets, on the whole branch , on a hanger, in a net and every-time i put it in a jar, or brown bag, or ziplock i cannot get those strong terpenes and Dank smells only a "homegrown" smell and flavor, I have ordered the humidity control pouches to cure with but I keep growing these beautiful nuggets and they smell and look amazing until i cut them down and they dry and lose that smell. Any ideas on how to solve this problem
Yup, control the humidity in your drying area at 60%rh, jar when bud is 60% RH or slightly lower (never above, fill a jar with bud and a hygrometer let it sit for at least 4 hours for a true reading) and then burp jars every 8 hours for 3 days, 2x day for another week, and then once a day for another week and you should be there, good luck