Expertise Needed With New Uc 6 Site Xl System

Hello all I have a few questions in regards to my new UC 6 site xl. Just a day in and I'd be very grateful for helpful tips and tricks from anyone with knowledge. A few questions off the bat are about the chiller and cool coil and wether that should be in the res of the 50 gal. barrel or the epicenter res? and how to do it so that i'm just pumping water through to cool them not the nut solution... sorry I'm new to it but learn fast. I haven't found a substantial amount of info out there on these systems. I'll post more along the way and keep everyone updated with the grow log, should be an awesome run

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I think it actually easier to just run the chiller without the coil, just run the line from the output side of your pump, through the chiller and let the output side of the chiller dump into the return side of your epicenter. Where is your air pump for the air stones in the plant modules? make sure it is mounted above your water line just in case if something ever happens to it or you loose power your entire system doesn't drain onto your floor
Thanks TK, Good to know thank you for the input, I was just trying to save the chiller from running nut solution through it maybe the lifespan would last. You don't think I'll need it to keep 50 gal res at temp? Or as it drip feeds in it will naturally reflect the systems temp? pump I have for 1/10 chiller is a 550 gph, think it might be a bit overkill, I had initially intended that for the 50 gal res.

Off to finish panda film and get pvc for the scrog frame, no cages this go around. I'm happy with scrog and yo-yo's.

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It takes alot more energy to keep and additional 50 gallon res chilled on top of the volume in your bucket system. I use the 55 to hold the nute solution and then ru it into the auto top off valve in the full tilt you will have to fill the 55 gallon drum 3-4 times a week just to keep your bucket levels constant..set your bucket fill level at a couple inches below the bottom of our net pots
by full tilt do you mean the float valve? or the res itself? I was assuming gravity would drive the solution through naturally from the res. I'm going back and forth on my ice seeds and wether to germinate in rock wool and start in the system. If anyone is privy to that process in depth it would be very helpful. otherwise I might get clones for the run and mom out the ice for next run and take cuts. not sure yet
Curious on the best and most efficient way of getting started with this new system and integrating my ice seeds into it. I'm back and forth on either germinating in rock wool, my fear is that the rock wool would be a conduit for mold/mildew and not have enough root mass/length to get to the water or be as strong as the root mass coming from an ez cloner... and then putting in net pot. Or to just get clones for now and mom the ice out and take cuts for next run.. they are feminized F1's and really would like to go about it just seed. Any ideas?

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Sorry..full tilt is usually about week 3 or 4 in flower till the 8 site setups would drink about 400 gallons a week..I set the drum up on something and let it gravity feed into the epicenter
400gal a week with an 8 site, sounds like pure magic...

I would remove the ballasts or at least get them closer or on the ceiling. think safety 1st bro. so much water so much room for error.
just get clones and mom the ice out... I have been afraid of your very concern with the rockwool in a net pot.
Yeah it's hard to stare at these seeds and not start em'. But the ends outweigh the means here. I've heard of different phenos and would like to experiment a little bit with some diff moms.
Anyone have any ideas on getting a germinated seed into an aeroponics system for excellent root mass?

Also curious on ec/ppm for starts in the system. and how long to veg for.. Apparently you want to cut veg time in half with this system because of the explosive growth?

First time with a system like this any info helps guys thank you much
Am doing a scrog @4' high 1"PVC. just got panda film finished and pvc pieces cut, just waiting for special ordered pvc connectors to finish build.
ICE F1's came in today... nice beans, will have to wait till next run to mom out and to take cuts and run it. I don't have many options in terms of cuts. I can either get rock wool." which i feel would be a conduit for mold and not enough root mass". Or a bare root cut out of cloner that would have to travel an hour somehow and not sure how to accomplish that... Bummer

Constructive criticism appreciated!!!
what nutes are you gonna be running? Also you will need to look into the strain for veg time.. for instance I have one that grows almost 3 ft in bloom so I dont veg it at all. You will have to be careful if it stretches you wont want to bloom it very long in a aero! ;)
Alright so I'm going to take a leap with the rock wool germination and starting them in this system. Could you please give me a step by step guide on going about this, I.E. ec levels water level etc. Thanks