I have always blamed too much kelp when mine buds have done it. My buddy's whole crop always does it, regardless of strain, to varying degrees. Hard to compile weight like that, but makes for a nice looking sack :-)
Wrap a paper around a few calyxes and life is good :-)
I've only done it by pushing too much alfalfa tea, so that's the only thing I can speak to and even then, I'm not sure I'm actually extracting triacontanol. No other environmental changes or issues? Heat, etc?

No changes, leaf temps were well within range. In fact my whitefire was actually a few degrees warmer and it didn't foxtail at all so I feel I have to rule out heat. I was looking at my bottle of Fire last night and it not only has alfalfa extract, but kelp extract as well. I'm not saying Fire is bad by any means....I just think this particular strain and phenotype didn't like it.


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Ooohhh... kelp + alfalfa? I've read of others pushing too much kelp, but because of that I've always used very low amounts. I don't see why it wouldn't likely be that product, then. And I absolutely agree about those types of feeding differences among various strains, I never do a monocrop because I love variety and have learned, the hard way, that you just can't feed them all exactly the same way.
The jury is out. But my experiance has been heat. Strains exhibit it worse then others.

Strains that I have grown for years same food same everything except higher temps foxtail.

Ive had nice tight buds and as an experiment I turned on a few more lights heat went up.
I went home for the weekend and came back bam foxtailing.

Then a following run kept my temps lower and nice and tight.
Fox tailing is caused by heat or excessive bloom enhancers from the info I gathered if your still interested in this homebrew420 has a thread where he is also trying to induce some fox tailing . thou it looks different and interesting it also looks larfy and i want rock solid nugs on my trees
i think foxtail strukture is not a genetic at all i see to many crosess with bud like foxtail , but never see a OG cross with foxtails that is strange for me what is the reason????

mazar.....was rereading this and I saw this post. I have seen OG crosses foxtail. I was helping OrgnKid take down a harvest a few years back and his Banana OG had foxtailed HARD. He felt it was Overdrive. Also my JediKush#4 (SFV OGxDeathstar) foxtailed when I used H16's Fire on it. I have run this pheno for over a year with no foxtailing, but when I changed the nute schedule a lil bit....BAM.
Stress can and will play a part for some varities. Others it is simply the genetic predipostion, and to what degree can be swayed.
Light stress is a big factor. Too close, all of our jack, panama, and certaily the malawi now all do this.
The jack stays fairly tight but when she get close, 24 inches from a 1000w foxtail larf is achieved.
I have honestly never understood why folks want to purchase rock-hard dense nuggets, when the light fluffy trichome-covered foxtails are so easy to use... I must confess I'm a "plopper"- i hardly ever use a grinder, I just plop the whole bud in my bowl. Foxtails are nice because you can simply reload a fresh bowl after a couple puffs instead of puffing on a lump of charcoal for 20 min and constantly stirring the bowl... I should probably buy a grinder, lol.
To suggest that foxtailing is an undesirable expression
is nothing more than preferential opinion. Whether genetically
or environmentally induced, it is a natural response of the plant

Beautiful landrace sativas are just that, there's a reason why
Africans, Asians, and Colombia's are some of the most desired strains
In the world
To equate bag appeal or weight to desirability of a static
Basically validates the rantings of inexperience and commercial
And at the risk of sounding preferential, hard bugs. Are great but they are no match on any level
You know nothing of my tastes or experience. Who's preference should I state if not mine? No where did I say I don't like sativas or that fox tailed bud is no good. This thread is about trying to induce it not a natural expression of a plant. Making a plant fox tail with heat stress or over using bloom inhancers won't manically make it better on any level. If you prefer the look of airy fox tailed buds that's fine, visually it's not what I'm looking for. I have read a few of your threads and to be honest I'm glad you and others work with sativas. I like to grow indicas, sativas, and hybrids. I have a few original haze seeds that I started 4 days ago and while I don't expect rock hard dense buds off of them I won't be trying to force them to fox tail any more then they will in the best environment I can provide for them and can see no benefit to doing so. This is closer to a rant then the single sentence I previously posted.

Burned Haze

Look up dr grinspoon and see the dedication for such a foxtail genetic domination but Beaty great effects

I would love that ....... (90-100 days bloom and I’ve seen journals go way longer ) preety sure if I grew that it would be caviar weed in my viewpoint just by the work and dedication .

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