I was growing Flo for a while, back about 20 years ago. She displayed one pheno that grew nearly nothing but those strings of sticky icky foxtail pearls. Sadly I no longer have access to any of the pictures from that time(but I THINK I still have access to my collection of genetics I collected around the time) . I grew out a 10 pack of The Flo and got 5(i think) females. Being young, dumb and very green in my growing career... Yup... You guessed it..... Males got exterminated with extreme prejudice. Anyway, each female was a COMPLETELY unique creature from her siblings. One was content just growing into a single bud/ball the size of a football and that was it..... Low potency, unremarkable taste and smell so didn't keep it. One(coincidentally labeled Flo#1) that grew like a huge Medusa with purple undersides and stalks on the leaves, dense, golf ball buds that tasted of aged fruit with spicy hash and a high so frigging sparkling and clear headed.... It showed me a type of high that I never thought would be produced by cannabis....... Yup.... Kept her! Flo#2 was also a keeper for me.... Very heavy idica expression, short, single cola, 2 side branches, tasted of Blueberry, very clear high as well but with the nice indica chill/body buzz. Twenty of em in a 2.5x2.5 SOG would easily turn 7oz's in 6 weeks, let her go another week to two and it gets better. NOW, FINALLY..... Flo#3! She was the strangest plant I had ever grown and that title still stands. She grew short and stocky /bushy, in the shape of a textbook indica but instead of a donkey dick cola of dense nugs, she was a HUGE donkey dick built of thick, sticky strings of foxtail buds with purple streaking through the calyxes and the Dark greens seemed to glow purple, but yet not purple. You could pick a single foxtail from the sappy cola and you could stick it to ANYTHING with the slightest pressure thanks to the copious amounts of resin she gave up so freely and willing. She was a straight spice/musky/floral taste with a slightly bitter fermented "fruit mix". This shit just glistened like morning dew it was so packed with trichs. The high was a straight punch in the head of slowed down numb stupidity with little interludes where you would drift off someplace very visually stimulating but not enough to keep you lost. And THE VISUALS! For the first long bit of the high your eyesight is magnified and highlighted. Everything seemed to glisten and there were straight line formations or trails of ants fully consumed in a pie fight.... LOL (ya know the fuzzy screen on the old tube tvs when there is no channel or signal, well that is actually ants having a pie fight) Any image or shapes that had sharp, straight lines or edges would have all of its edges highlighted or drawn over by that black/white fuzzy/static pattern. Pretty sure those foxtails were my first NOTABLE exploration of the wonder that is THC-V. Sorry for the rambling, Bubblegum has that effect on me, one of my all time favorites.

Love, Peace and Chicken Grease Ya'll!