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update: mini dehumidifier is in place. Temps are like 85 f and humidity at 65% Working on getting my temps fresher. I lollipopped the girls and gona give em two more weeks to bounce back from the stress and gona flip em to flower in two weeks. Ive been training three of the girls and one of em sorta left alone. The wifey wants to see the difference in bud size etc etc.. I lollipopped her though. We are going to introduce jungle and waterfall sounds for the plants. During daytime we are going to play birds and rain and at night just gentle waterfall and night crickets etc. Well for the 12 on and 12 off cycles anyways lol. Cleaned out the tent and wiped it down with citronella and a little bleach. Hopefully defoliation didnt stress them too much. well here are some pics and a video. Two of the girls (the ones tied down but not layed down) i super cropped and maybe you can see it in the video. Bout to put the scrog net on em and gona wait for the stretch to put the second layer of scrog net on. I feel they are drinking more water because i lifted my pots today and they felt light so ima give em one or two more days till i water them again.

Big shout out to @QuestionPoint for the genetics Durban poison, Tropicana grapefruit, Super silver haze.

Shout out to @PhlizonGrowLight for making me a winner in the febuary giveaway Thanks again !

Last but not least big thanks to the Farm here. This wouldnt be possible either without these generous people with their knowledge.

Two weeks till flip Stay tuned !!
here are some pictures as i think i got nute burn... what do yall think? Maybe some Phospherous deficiency? Dono im thinking a flush is in order just good ol water.
Idk if this will help you at all but it’s a quick check i sometimes use.
IMG 6609
IMG 2794
IMG 2290


Can you out GRAV The Gravmaster???
I use promix soil... even as seedlings I don't feed until 30 days or so... depending on the how strain reacts
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