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Those are all ridiculous green dot and nspecta. Really makes me wanna get some beans. Wish I could add that to my Christmas list!


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Absolutely gorgeous show @Green Dot ...I have a bunch of questions for ya but I'll wait til I have a little more notch work as always, excellent representation of the phenotypes. I've got 1o Mendocino Purple Kushes getting flipped next week and your show has got me drooling in anticipation. :D Looking forward to the next few weeks man.
Green Dot

Green Dot

Thanks Nspecta... I don't care what anyone says,, but I think there is Bubba in Girl Scout Cookies. These hybrids have that sheen that the Cookies have, makes them look like extraordinary cannabis. The Purps really added a lot the the Bubba imo. Almost all of these have that "Fruit Roll-up" smell that is wrapped in coffee and hashish. Definitely some of the nicer stuff we have seen in awhile. These have to be the highest yielding plants out there as well.. They take up about a 8" foot print under a light and stack a chunked out 2 ounces per plant. We flipped these things when they were 10" tall to pheno select. Wish we would have vegged for another month. If we pack 16 -24 of these under 1 light in 5 gal next time that should get us close to 40oz per light.. not bad...
Green Dot

Green Dot

Some of the Mendocino Purple Kush headstash... Ive gotta say, these ladies are the real deal. Tastes better than GSC by a mile. Very sappy mellow buzz... Really reminds me of that feeling you get when you drink red wine.. Things are alll gooood.. Flavors range from chocolate covered raisins to floral raspberry mocha delight. Some of the best herb I have ever puffed honestly... These End Games coming up have potential to blow these MPKs out of the water imo... Stay tuned for a lot more dank from CSI Humboldt,,,



So great, thanks for all you do my man! This might just put purples back on the map...Mitch really brought those flavors you speak of out with this first batch of oil, i bet those flowers taste even better though! Cant wait for that Cornbread! btw where did that Ghost OG Bx1 come from, out of this galaxy?!
Green Dot

Green Dot

The ghost bx came from a friend up in Boulder.. He doesn't post online.. Can't say enough good things about that cut. In my opinion, flowers never taste better than oil simple based on temperatures used to consume but the flowers are as dank as og can be.

This mpk though.. It's moved on up on my list of exquisite flowers. Winter time bud for sure...
Green Dot

Green Dot

Here are some of the highlights from the Endgame (Game Changer x Bubba Kush) Game Changer is believed to be Urkle/Green Crack but im not sure. What I do know is that there are basically MPK with much better bodies. The Green one stands out of the pack like a sore thumb. She has that bubba smell along with a G13 body odor inside. She stands just under 7 feet tall and gets perfect light penetration to the bottom. Caked in resin to say the least. Then there is the pheno that will go purple over the next 2 weeks.. I dont even have to smoke her to know she is the bread winner. She smells like the best pheno of MPK (Chocolate covered fruit) and is exceptionally greasy, perfect stable frame, dense buds etc.... Very loud smell on her.

Tons more stuff from CSI coming soon

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