Grow diary featuring my irrational obsession with Hawaiian strains

just fumbling my way around...learning from everyone here!! An old friend used to say “ even a blind squirrel finds a nut every now and then” 😂
I got a little dropper 1 ml measure with my ph set. And it takes a little little bit for a has increments that are 1/4 1/2 3/4 1ml. I just use it for everything and wash when finished..but all my Nutes are liquid...😊
I need a white paper on efficiently getting the pH of water correct. it takes me 1/2 hour to do 1 gallon...I lose interest way before that! I have a blue lab pen and some pH up/down. what’s your best tips?
Terri you have a great meter, whats causing you the issue? You have a meter, ph up and down and an eye dropper right? That's pretty much it, is there something specific that keeps going wrong?
These Firefly clones have been in LST for a couple weeks now and my pakalolo are both getting big how about I flower all 5 in the tent?
I think this tent is big enough for all...thoughts?
Is this enough light? I can add the Perfect Sun 500 if I need to.

4x4 tent
2 hlg 100 v2 QB
6” fan w/ exhaust + 2 small fans
plants are in 3 gal Maxx Yield pots

I want to run them according to the Hawaiian 10/14 schedule

zero hour = 4 pm today!
Thank you! I will try some of this...the beans did germinate but I believe something like damping off got them...guessing that is fungus. It happens but yeah, I love me some expensive seeds that don’t catch. I boil some RO water and soak mine for 12-24 hours then put them in a damp paper towel inside a baggie for a few days...there are times this works perfectly.

Cuttings, cuttings, and more cuttings. Cuttings from these plants will ensure future plants.
100%! I can’t bear to throw away any viable cuttings...getting a little out of control 😂
I'm the same way I'm looking at where to put a tray of bubble clones right now LOL I'll hold them in the cloner for a while I guess? I've got a couple plants finishing up so I'll have a little room in the bloom room soon. I've started putting smaller plants 2 to the same pot for this same reason LOL so far it's working out!?