Harvest time again!

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Well, it's that time of the year again... Thought I'd share a few pics I took this morning before we got to work.

First two shots are the bed of the Mendo Pineapple cut I've been running the last few years. Smells just like fresh pineapple, fairly sativa dominant, and almost always the tallest plant in the garden. My friend in the 2nd shot is 6' exactly to give a sense of scale.

Third pic is of Kush Cleaner (AKA Long Bottom Leaf, AKA Heart Attack Kush) from Loran on the left, and on the right my Kryptonite x Grape Krush cross. Both are from seed. The Kryptonite x Grape Krush is usually one of the earliest plants in the garden and came in today.

Fourth pic is the Lemon Jack cut I got from NCGA , which has consistently been our largest yielder than last few seasons. It's a cross between Lemonade 2000 and Jack the Ripper.

Fifth shot is the Blueberry x Northern lights, which will be ready to harvest soon. It's a really nice cut a buddy of mine found in a pack from Dr. Atomic years ago. Does great in light dep and indoor as well as outside, the crystal content is usually off the charts.

Last pic is looking out over the garden standing on top of the 12' orchard ladder while doing the morning check. We had some rain followed by very hot weather that has created an ideal environment for mold, so every plant needs to be checked at least daily. The weather from here on out looks good though, so hopefully we are over the hump.
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Beautiful ..... I could only dream about growing like that. Congrats to a full & healthy harvest.
They truly are monsters. You certainly know what you are doing Blaze.

How much do you think each one will yield?
All the beds should all yield in the double digits, assuming all goes well the next 2-4 weeks. What the weather does will have a big impact, a considerable amount of weight gets packed on in those last two weeks. Hopefully we won't get any more freak thunderstorms that come out of nowhere, like we did last week!


Blaze you are a master of your craft. those are some jaw dropping pics bro, much respect.
below frigid

below frigid

Nice work, Are they all single plants or do some of the beds have more than one plant in there? We had a couple of light showers down here in Monterey County supposed to get back up into triple digits for the next 4 or 5 days then cool back down a little. It looks like like I am going to make it without anymore rain for the next two weeks. Fingers crossed! I hope it stays dry for you as well. Good luck with the harvest. Taking a couple down today, but most have a couple more weeks.
Nice work, Are they all single plants or do some of the beds have more than one plant in there?
Most are either doubles or quads. I like to plant either two or four cuts or seedlings right in the center, so I've got multiple main leaders to pull off to the sides. Helps create a more even, filled out canopy and maxes out the yield for the amount of space. Also helps ensure all the beds produce well, if something goes wrong and there is just a single plant in the bed, you can end up with an empty spot in the garden. I actually had continual problems with fusarium in the garden this year, several plants were stunted due to it. Really sucks, my Lemon Jack bed was looking like it was going to be a record-breaker, but it will only produce abut 75% of what it could have now...


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beautiful garden my friend
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