How To Pass Drug Tests

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I think around 15-25 % of thc metabolites are excreted thru urine, and 75-85% is excreted thru feces, so making sure you eat plenty of fiber will help you clear it out quicker, along with plenty of fluids, h20 and low sugar drinks like real cranberry juice, super bitter and potent but that's the stuff that works as a real diuretic.


I just passed two urine test back to back within a week, but I've only smoked twice within the last 60 days. For a urine test, stay away from smoking and second hand smoke for a couple weeks at least, drink some cranberry juice, lots of water, pee a lot, and it's a wrap. However, several things go into account as well....1)how much/often you smoke 2) your weight(body fat content) and 3) the last time you used(smoked/ingested). Best of luck to everybody, sux we have to go through this Sh!t, but if you have to work, it's just one of those things. Starting a new gig next week!! Back to the blunt 1st day after work! ATB!!!


I'm wondering if they've managed to get the EMIT to detect if someone took a bunch of aspirin yet. Been reading about that technique to trigger false negatives, but that's at the cost of one's liver. I know they've worked out how to figure out if someone tampered with the sample but dilution plus aspirin seems to be a winning combination from various online sources.


I was operated on had to be clean. I just stayed away from everything. I've been on Prescribed Pain Killers forever found if I'm in major pain there is nothing on the Ambulance they can give you.

Legally I'm not to drive but I still do every so often. My regular Doctor has to test me making sure I'm taking my Pain Killer. He said he didn't care about THC. I had to give Blood Test the other day and the woman drawing said she don't think they even check for THC anymore.

But know a Guy that was on Probation. One Beer got him locked up.




If you have to take a hair follicle test, the outcome will also depend on variables such as when was the last time you smoked and how long/what type your hair is. Since new hair grows from the follicles in your scalp, and the longer ends of your hair are the oldest samples... if it's been awhile and your hair is long, maybe a haircut would help, but don't do anything too obvious like shaving it all off or bleaching or dyeing it, or they'll just laugh at you. Each 1/2" of hair is good for about a month, so they try to get 1-1/2" to go back about 90 days. Of course they can get hair from elsewhere on your body, or even fingernail clippings, but they'll most likely suspect what you're up to. I've heard of people who used a product called Root Clean and some passed while others have failed. I'm sure there are variable factors such as how heavy of a smoker you are, or how well you actually follow the instructions, so be sure to do your best when crunch time comes. Detox shampoos and remedies also work better with thin, light colored hair, rather than thick, dark colored hair.

Fortunately I haven't had to take a hair test myself, but having done lots of research on it, the best sounding plan I've heard is to get some vinegar and Nexus Aloe Rid shampoo and Paul Mitchell 3 Cleanser. The best place to find these products is at most hair salons, or maybe some drug stores, or they're on Google or Yahoo, etc as well. The Root Clean brand has been discontinued but there is a similar new product called Ultra Clean that sounds promising, and it may be available at some head-shops, but you can hit up a search engine, and there's probably lots of places selling it... here's one now: And there are several other shampoos and such out there, and maybe some of them work, but probably most of them don't. But I can tell you have seen a couple of posts from people who failed using the Clear Choice Hair Follicle shampoo, so I wouldn't recommend that one at all... nor any other products by that name, and buyers should definitely beware of most products marketed for this purpose.

First soak your hair for about 15 minutes with the vinegar and then wash it with the Paul Mitchell 3 cleanser and the Nexus Aloe Rid shampoo. Let each one stay in your hair for about 10 minutes before rinsing and then repeat. Then you may also want to use the Ultra Clean and follow the instructions on that and you're done. Give yourself plenty of time and take care not to run out of hot water as all that takes about an hour or so to do it properly. Be sure to do this at least on the same day of your test, but I would highly recommend pre-cleansing your hair several times during the week leading up to the test with the Aloe Rid Clarifying Shampoo and leaving the Clarifying Treatment on for over two hours before washing your hair with the clarifying shampoo again.

If you fail a hair test, you should just deny any drug use & tell them you've heard that those tests have a lot of false positives, and ask for a retest by urinalysis instead... and then substitute it on them using a synthetic concentrated sample. Or at least a have them test a new hair sample after you've had a chance to re-wash your hair overnight, about 6 more times with the Aloe Rid and re-soak it for a couple more hours with the Clarifying Treatment, and then use the Clarifying Shampoo again. That worked for one person who had failed his first test after using the Clear Choice shampoo.

*Vinegar is to be used for the HAIR test only! Do not drink it!
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Super good to all know thanks!!!!!!

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