HumboldtLocals Outdoor 2010

Hey man lookin great cant wait to see some more pics. i actually saw a pic of one of your chunky nugz in the recent issue of high times yo. its in the pic section at the back of the mag. congrats man.

JuJu Farms

Just... wow.... the things I would do to work at a place like this lol
Are you mixing pearlite in the soil underneath the smartpots? Is that to keep the bottoms from becoming anerobic? I'm also going with 200 gallon smartpots as well as a couple 400 gallons.


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Goin Large

Nice setup, how do you water those babies? Gotta be some kind of a drip system? You have everyones mouth watering.



Wow... this is going to be the reality show I'll watch this summer :D

Best of luck!
Thanks everyone.

Why do you regret going with the 200's, humboldt? You feel you should have done the 300's, or something different?
Yeah, I should have just gone with 300's instead. I guess I'll know at the end of the season but right now that is what my stomach is telling me.

Are you mixing pearlite in the soil underneath the smartpots? Is that to keep the bottoms from becoming anerobic? I'm also going with 200 gallon smartpots as well as a couple 400 gallons.
Those holes with the perlite on top will not have smartpots on them. They are big holes, 150-250 gallons. Those 400 gallons should do really well with the right strain.

I do put everything on drip and timers. It is the only way to do this scale. I'll show that over the next month as I start putting it in place.
I think the 400 gallons are either going to be used to transplant some already rather large mother plants, or some Malawi if they end up sexing female. See if we can't get some 20 footers.
I would go with the Malawi in the 400's. I hear she can produce. Mother plants put outdoors usually don't produce as well especially if they are old or have been root bound in a smaller pot for a while.
Awesome work, it definitely gives me inspiration. I am planning my first outdoor grow and talking with the owner of my Hydro shop who has done his fair share of outdoor growing up your way recommended i go with 150 gal smart pots and using the 707 roots organics as an easy premixed soil. Whats your experience with it? He also recommended I could make some teas, and use some top dressing amendments as needed. One thing I found interesting was that he strongly suggested using seeds versus clones because apparently they will yield lbs more because seeds have a taproot. Unfortunately i didn't get any good seeds in time and only have some clones that have been vegging inside for about a month. Thanks for the awesome pics, cant wait to see everything in full bloom.

You are so right on the mom ver clone. When my clients come pick up their starts they always look at the big moms. But the small clones always out grow or at least equal the moms but much healthier

My theory is the moms tend to be root bound nd the clones not even close. So they are much more adapt to fast root growth. I will be trying an experiment with some new root pruning pots as well as smart pots to see if this makes a difference.



What kind of yeild increase have you seen with increasing size of pots from 200 to 400?

That is a massive pot!!!
Come on bro that must be some huge collective for that much herb. Loving the farming lot of work for sure. Just keep it in Cali. Those outdoor grows affect the small farmers in other states.


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if your buds cant compete on their own merit get out of the game, or step it up! My area gets lots of cali rweed but that aint a g-thing to me b/c my shit is 10x better! People will always want the best, i agree it can suck for the low quality farmer but its about the customer in my eyes, everyone deserves to smoke the chronic right!
God damned straight (regarding what's bolded). I have no idea whether or not your stuff is actually "10x better". But mostly it's about what the market will bear. If you grow shit weed, expect a shit price for it, not a premium price. If you grow premium weed, then a little competition ain't gonna hurt you.