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LA Woman

I have lived by the beach either here or in L.A. all my life and although I love it, I only go to beach a few times a year. I guess I just don't appreciate it. Like if someone lives on a beautiful mountain area and never look at them. I drive by the ocean nearly everyday and seldom even look over at it. You don't appreciate the things you have until their gone. Meagan


Well I can tell you that the warm water in Florida compared to the very fucking cold water of LA the difference is like apples and oranges IMHO .. You need a wetsuite to go smimming in LA lol.. Not to mention the sharks lol.. I was shocked when the water was just as cold as the water in Van. BC.. peace out Headband707

LA Woman

Yeah headband people think sunny cali..warm weather....yeah right! The water is like ice cubes. Florida def. has warmer, AND cleaner I might add, water. Meagan :)
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