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I have the InkBird ITC-308 and I do NOT use it because the setting in F* can only be set in whole numbers. So, Ms. Sally, PLEASE listen, and just by listening you will be ahead of your competitor that I am forced to use now. Why? Because I CAN set the target temperature, SV in .1* Fahrenheit increments. But they have no interest in what their users suggest for improvements. The .1* F increments come into play with "dead bands", also mentioned in an earlier post. I will explain the importance of this later.
By being on this board, you are showing your interest in your customers, the customers that in my opinion and correct me if I'm wrong, are the largest share of InkBird's business. I know, there are reptile breeders that use your controllers and others use in home beer brewing, but I'm guessing the largest part of your business comes from gardeners, marijuana farmers like us, at least in the USA. Why does that even matter? As was pointed out in one of the first post in this thread, the RED indicator lights and LED panels. How many controllers, sold as equipment for indoor pot gardens like us, currently have green lights? You may be the first. CONGRADULATIONS!!! and THANK YOU!!!

OK, my ideal solution for an Uber Indoor (tent) Temperature Controller Base Unit (UITC-BU): It needs to have a 'negative' dead band. In other words, there needs to ALWAYS be an input to the controller working. In winter with a 0 dead band and without a .1*F setting on the ITC-308, during the night cycle of my tent I wind up with ONLY the heater cycling on and off and the exhaust fan will not cycle on all night. The air inside the tent will be at the set temperature, but will be stagnate, CO2 depleted and at or near 100% humidity. Completely unacceptable conditions created in a grow tent by the temperature controller. So how to correct that? I stumbled upon by accident,.........

EXAMPLE: in my current setup with the competitor's temperature controller, I set the SV to 73.1*F. There is no equal temperature to 73.1*F in the Celsius scale (or 1/2 of the other .1* in F), so the temperature controller will toggle from the heat outlet on at 73.0* and heat up to 73.2*F. That switches the controller to the cooling/exhaust fan outlet and cools the tent back down to 73.0* and on it goes.... It works perfectly for holding a constant temp of 73*F while also exhausting the amount of air needed to keep the plants happy. But a problem that another member mentioned in this thread comes into play, being able to adjust the SV setting of the controller for separate day AND night settings. I have searched the internet, but can't find a temperature controller with a timer added to allow a daytime setting, like 73.1* and a nighttime setting like 65.1* and the 'timer' could be as simple as a photocell switch to toggle between day and night settings. This would be an InkBird UITC Base Unit controller.
OK, now the heat and cooling/exhaust is going fine with day and night setting with a negative dead band. To a base UITC unit, one could add a Humidity Controller., or run it as a stand-alone? Some of us will need dehumidifiers and others humidifiers, depending on our local weather conditions. Most will need a controller to add humidity during the day cycle and dehumidify during the night cycle. And again, day/night can be controlled by a simple photocell switch in the controller.
OK, now you have temperature, cooling/exhaust, raising and lowering humidity, all with DAY and NIGHT settings.
Can you add a Watering Controller, for hydro growers?
And for those most avid and hard-core maximum growers, design a CO2 Controller to add onto the base UITC-BU? (get advice from a hydro/CO2 grower for hydro and CO2 specifics, as I have little or no experience with those)

Thanks for your time and taking the time to get feedback from, well, we feel like our "hobby" make us your #1 customers!

(if all that was about as clear as muddy water, please PM me with questions)

Can't wait to try out the new UITC-BU .......when you make one. ☮️ 👍 💡 🙃 ...and please hurry, it's nearing winter again here in the USA. 😉
Running an exhaust and supply fan with a minimum off setting greater then 0 also ensures adequate air exchange in the tent. I set my off setting at 3. Works for me.

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