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Whattup ppl. I'm a Virgin grower, just getting my cherry popped... funny thing is. I had no plans in my immediate future to grow bud, (but I've been wanting to for quite a while now) until I'm breaking up my last phat bud from an eighth of bootylicious I copped from my local dispensary and then...
1, 2..."Oh" 3,...4. Omg, now 5? And lastly, number 6. First time ever, and since have I gotten seeds in dispensary bud. And only in one bud. A nice med/large nug, I always save the phattest prettiest nuggs to break up for last. And yes that bud had 6 seeds in it. So fuck it, let's try germinating them. I Used the paper towel method. All but one popped. I'm like "wow". So weed pretty much pushed me to begin growing my own superior bud.(haha fingers crossed) Lmao!
So I'm here to share my experiences with other growers, both beginner and experienced. Experience is the best(and only true teacher) in my book. So I hope to learn anything I can from this community, and if I can help anyone else by sharing my experiences, thats what this is all about. Ok, so I Def rambled on way too much. But here I am, i look forward to sharing with this community. I'll let yall know how the 5 seeds that popped are doing today in the next post. Stay "lyfted"
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