Jj 's 2014 Seed Haul, What Too Pop?

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Great list of seeds, ill tune in. Legend and Fire look amazing man, good stuff. That Legend is prob in my top 3 OGs. If it was me I would pop the cali Kings, I saw Waayne mention that he found some really good OG phenos in there. Can't go wrong with anything on that list though.


That Grease and AlienDub should be sick, can't wait to see what comes of them

Thanks dude , so far in the seedlings dept 6 AlienDub (fems) 6 Grease ( reg) look like they are gonna make it. Both were 10 packs, a couple didn't pop and I killed a couple. Always happens haha.

I also popped a pack of animalface & octagon from @justblazen Straight fire from him.
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Pack of Locktight from Redeye on the way in. It's GGlue x Mount Ranier.

Never grown or smoke the glue, and I think Ranier is a NLights bx??


TRICS on 1 of the Grease seedlings ! @ 1 week since popped . Ive heard of it before but never seen it . interesting ...


Holy shit nothing like not following up on a thread

Luckily I'll get right to the good stuff.

4 Grease females and 5 Adub females About 2-3 weeks from harvest

As a refresher the Grease is
Cherry pie * trestardawg

Adub is
Sour Dub * aliendawg

Both strains have been easy easy to grow, with the Adub showing more pheno variation in growth, some short some crazy stretchers... The Grease was pretty uniform in growth most stayed mid sized indica.


Grease 2 - Very tredawg leaning it seems, grapes and meat. Fast finishers this is @ 55 or so days


Grease 6 - funkiest plant in the room, makes my eyes water almost. started out with a hazy smell, now is onion skunk to the max with a subtle haze


More pics today of Grease 3, 5

And the Adubs I'll probably get too pic wise tomorrow.

All in all, at LEAST 1 keeper in each of these strains so far, if not more.

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