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Yeah, this year there's a bit of a focus on working with the classics. In June there'll be a refined Skunk (TNF The Shoeshiner), in July there'll be a refined Widow (Widowmaker Skunk) that will be my first real foray into Widow genetics as well as Santa Cruz Blue Dream/Zkittles/G13 Hashplant cross called Zhe Pinch.

Of course I've got Mango going now (in the form of Blue Power Mango), SSH (Silverfields), SLH (Chunky Lemon Milk), G13 in a few things, Blueberry (x Amnesia)...

It's a pretty intentional exploration of cannabis genetics and what fits with my physiology. Always trying to increase the sample size.

Also, to shift gears, the Sour Sorbet is a very nice smoke. Not mindblowing or extreme in any way, just a well-balanced, relaxing, low-anxiety high. Yield wasn't great, but that was just as much me not knowing how she likes to be loved in flower as anything else. It's nice, and if the clone takes I'll run it again, but I wouldn't buy more.

The DTxC99 is getting put away for a few months. Maybe the high will settle down a bit once it cures, but I'm not doing enough physical activity right now for it to really be useful. The Sky Cuddler (the second one, with a nicer high than the first) and Sour Sorbet will be my daily drivers for a bit. The Maui Waui comes down in a week and the Col'Jam Bastard and G13 Hashplant come down roughly a week after that, with Pipatxu following shortly after.

It's a bit like being an air traffic controller in slow motion. 😄
Dt x c99 just coming thru some serious stress! Very neglected for a week or two but they made it ! Nursin back to health and excited for the finish


i just loaded up a warhead of DTxC99 for myself! It's a good smoke, but the offspring with Killer Queen and G13 Hashplant (what you've got) should be even better. Those will bounce back, I regularly stress my plants harder than that in the veg closet.
Had some company and couldn’t get to my tent for a minute ! Was really surprised to see them still alive ! So the are some resilient bastards for sure ! No water and under about 30 k lux for days . By all rights they should have been dead !


So Nirvana's Maui Waui is a pretty good smoke. There's almost definitely some Northern Lights in there, it doesn't stretch at all and has a significant sedative feel to it. There wasn't much of a tropical nose on that one, more dank, sour, fermenting kinds of smells that also come through on the palate.

I'll definitely enjoy it, and if the clones root I'll run it again, but I don't see myself grabbing more beans of it. It also helps contextualize how uniqie the high is on PKO, I'll be dropping that again soonish.

In a week I'll drop Valencian Haze and a couple Orient Express fems, then a week after that comes G13 Hazeplant. Then come Kali China, The Shoeshiner, Bubba Hash, Black Swamp Gas, and Zhe Pinch [(Santa Cruz Blue Dream x Zkittles) x (NL5 Haze x Zkittles)]

In stark contrast to Silverfields, 5 of the Dragons are males, with at least a couple more looking like they'll sprout balls. Not that I'm complaining, I'd love to find a couple keeper males in there and there are a bunch of plants coming up that would wear Interstate Dragon pollen nicely, especially Silverfields.

Pics to come, probably.




I was worried that I'd cut the Maui Waui too soon, but in retrospect I doubt it. It's not a "light" high at all. My head is heavy, my eyelids are heavy, my arms are heavy... It's definitely a night-time smoke.

In other news, after collecting a mL each of Framboise and Blue Power Mango pollen, they got cut. They were nowhere near close to done dropping pollen, but that's enough and I'm trying to minimize the risk of accidental pollination. Yep, those keeper males were just too prolific. Heck.

They've already both been crossed to the third G13 Hashplant and one of the Lemon Citron plants.

So far 8 of the 11 Dragons dropped have been male, with at least one of the undecideds looking like they'll join them. Certainly not gonna complain about having that pollen around, but I'm definitely hoping I get at least a couple females from 11 seeds dropped. I'll definitely have to cross that to the best looking pheno of the multitude of Silverfields females though, since they were apparently destined to be crossed.

That kinda pushed the germinating schedule for everything up, since I'll be looking for females sooner than anticipated. Valencian Haze and G13 Hazeplant just went down, next is Orient Express in a week or so and then The Shoeshiner on May 1. After this month I'll take a two month break from stretchy plants before fun things like Golden Tiger, Highland Lao, and Silk Road Skunk go down.

The final count for The Afghan Project is 14. A far cry from the 20+ I was hoping to hunt through, but it'll do. Original Haze was 10/10. They're both already in the tent along with the Super Lemon Moon, and should be starting to differentiate in 2-3 weeks.

Next to flip are the last Supreme Lemon, Kubanskiy, and Siberian Haze.


The CJB was dry enough to get a decent sample this morning, and it's immediately among my favorite daytime smokes ever. There's only a hint of a body high, so I'm guessing that the mother was Killer Queen (G13 x C99), not Ghash or Black Afghani.

It's not a mindblowing psychedelic crazy high at all, but it still comes across as potent. It's more like a calming light falling on everything, toning down the inner misanthrope. Similar to a cup of coffee, but with less of an edge. It's almost exactly what I'm looking for from a daytime smoke, and a nice relief after the Maui Waui ended up being so heavy.


Valencian Haze [(G8 x Panama) x (F13 x Oldtimer's Haze)] is 11/11. Let's hope for a more even distribution of males to females than the NONSENSE that's been going on.

Interstate Dragon is 11 males, 2 females. Silverfields was all females.

That being said, the next to differentiate are going to be the Ghanis, Original Haze, and Super Lemon Moon.


G13 Haze and Haze x Kali China, nestled in next to the two lady Dragons.


Most of this front container will be transplanted into 2 gallon bags soon. The first Blueberry Amnesia got sent to the flower room a couple days ago, these are two more, the two Blue Power Mango, and the fastest growing Silverfields.


The right side of flower at the moment. Heavy Grapefruit x 2 are in the back, 2 Lemon OGK and a Lemon Citron are in the background budding, all 3 Supreme Lemons are in here


The left side of flower. The plant in the back that's bouncing back from a tiny bit of drought stress is a Moonshine, Pipatxu is up front with the tallest buds that are starting to fade, the bigger Lemon Citron is in the front left corner. Seems a few of the buds have caught some of the Framboise or Blue Power Mango pollen.


Pipatxu again, still a couple weeks out or so.


The Shoeshiner [(Rubber Tree Skunk #5 x Skunk 18) x Skunk 18] drops on 5/1.


Progress. Saw a few tails on the G13 Hazeplants, they should be breaking the soil here in the next couple days, along with the Orient Express next to them. Super Lemon Moon and Silverfields (round 2) got their own containers today, and are in the front container. The Dragon dudes are starting to peacock.

Screenshot from 2021-04-24 23-31-12.png

Veg closet in dire need of a defoliation, but still chugging along.

Screenshot from 2021-04-24 23-31-04.png

The recently repotted Blueberry Amnesiae, with a Blue Power Mango, and the just "trimmed" G13 Hashplant with some seeds finishing in the last few buds.

Screenshot from 2021-04-24 23-31-36.png

Fired up the blurple again, running a dual-layer grow with this Heavy Grape lady. It's a nice spot to flip things


Panama Red is the yellowing one in the center.

Screenshot from 2021-04-24 23-26-36.png

The other perspective on that Panama Red, she's getting thick. Pipatxu is up front, the next to come down.

Screenshot from 2021-04-24 23-26-20.png

I suppose that top bud of Pipatxu is kinda pretty.


Got a nice little grow flow going.
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Dropped The Shoeshiner [(Trinity x Skunk 18) x Skunk 18] today. A couple days earlier than anticipated but I've been feeling bombarded by ennui recently, so I'm treating myself to some excitement.

I'm kinda torn about what to drop next. Might be Zhe Pinch (a SCBD cross), might be Tin Foil Hail (Ghost OG cross), might be Black Swamp Gas (Triangle Kush cross), and it might also just be Silk Road Skunk (Haze x Skunk 1 x Skunk 18) because of my deep and abiding love for all things Haze.

Orient Express and G13 Hazeplant are popping now. Valencian Hazes will need to get their own containers in a couple weeks. The Dragon dudes have started throwing pollen, and a Ghani male has already joined them in showing balls. G13 Haze and Haze x Kali China have their own containers now, likely to get flipped in June and crossed with whatever fun males present themselves.


Took clones of the female Blue Power Mango today and flipped it, as well as spending an hour and a half defoliating and reorganizing essentially everything, There's another Afghani male, some collected pollen from the Interstate Dragons, and fewer leaves on everything, but other than that there's not much to report.

Screenshot from 2021-04-29 21-25-15.png

The Blueberry Amnesias and Silverfields, the next to be flipped.

Screenshot from 2021-04-29 21-25-02.png

This is, actually, after defoliating.

Screenshot from 2021-04-29 21-24-51.png

Pipatxu on the left, Lemon Citron in the middle, Moonshine Hazes behind them, Panama Red a couple weeks out in the front right, and a Lemon OG Kush and Blueberry Amnesia behind them.

Screenshot from 2021-04-29 21-18-31.png

I've been impressed at how this Pipatxu has stacked. All 5 of those colas on the left are from her, and she's still throwing white pistils so there's another 10-14 days of maturing that will likely happen before it gets cut.

Screenshot from 2021-04-29 21-18-21.png

Two of those colas:


That clone is going to have so much pollen chucked at it. Definitely Interstate Dragon and Blue Power Mango, hopefully Silverfields as well. Assuming the high isn't complete garbage, of course.


Got the last Blueberry Amnesias up-potted, as well as the rooted Pipatxu clone, two more Silverfields, and two Framboise (which smell exactly like Krazy Glue). Also pollinated Lemon Pie and Lemon OG Kush with Interstate Dragon.

Dropped a Bubba Hash fem from Ace as well. The Shoeshiners have all popped, and have their helmets off. One looks like it's got whorled phyllotaxy, it'll be interesting to watch it grow. They're still a couple weeks away from being transplantable. Valencian Haze just got their own containers, as did Orient Express. Next to drop is gonna be Silk Road Skunk! Then Zhe Fruit, the Santa Cruz Blue Dream cross. It's apparently very BD dominant, but with more of a chocolate flavor. We'll see! Kali China isn't far off, either.

In veg right now are:

Blueberry Amnesia
Interstate Dragon
The Ghanis
Original Haze
G13 Haze
G13 Hazeplant
Haze x Kali China
Valencian Haze
Orient Express
Super Lemon Haze x Moonshine Haze (very much hoping for a male)
ColJam Bastard

That Pipatxu will be coming down in a week to 10 days, with a Lemon Citron not far behind. Looks like she's going through that last little burst of flowering- there are some white pistils here and there and she's still stacking. Definitely a more Maizal Gord-leaning pheno than Deep Chunk, considering the stretch and slightly longer flowering time, but that's good news to me because the high of the first Pipatxu was a bit too heavy for enjoying during the day. She also definitely caught some of the either Blue Power Mango or Framboise pollen, so there will be some fun mystery seeds down the road. The clone of her will get bukkaked by essentially every dude that I've got going when she's ready.

I'm very much looking forward to cutting those two, since they're the last two plants in 3 gallon pots and there will be room for 3-4 plants (of Blueberry Amnesiae, Framboise, and Silverfields) to replace them. There's an Interstate Dragon female that's showing some stupid potential, she's got trichomes on the fan leaves in veg. I'd take pictures but they're asleep and I'm fucking blasted right now.


There's a male of the Super Lemon Moon! This makes my fucking week. If I get a male from one of the last two Silverfields seeds that were dropped then I'll be a happy farmer.

Here's the tent. G13 Hazeplants and Valencian Hazes are on the bottom, The Shoeshiner is in the red cup, Bubba Hash hopefully germinating next to it.


The females, under 24 hours of light.

Screenshot from 2021-05-05 01-47-11.png

I'm really liking the structure on this Heavy Grapefruit plant. Beautiful, long pistils, thick stems, and more stretch than I was expecting. This will absolutely get hit with the Super Lemon Moon dude.


A bunch of stuff is chunking up like crazy right now. Moonshine Haze (which also got crossed with Interstate Dragon), Lemon Pie, Pipatxu (obvs), Panama Red, and the two Lemon Citron will all come down this month. Possibly the two Moonshine Hazes as well.

Screenshot from 2021-05-05 01-46-47.png

Really a fan of this Pipatxu.

Screenshot from 2021-05-05 01-45-40.png

The other half of the flowering spot.

Screenshot from 2021-05-05 01-45-24.png

Yeah. That's a pretty plant. A few more days to a week, I think.

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