Ken giving Purple Berry BX a try

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Fear Not!
Im pretty sure I have 3 different Phenos......No purple yet

The 2 I did the airlayer with are still in pots and are further along than the others..


the small leaf pheno mom (#4) still has not shown signs of trigger

But the #5 mom (was reveging a bit for a while) Is flowering nicely now


Hopefully I will see some purple soon...o_O


CannaVenture Seeds
Hey Whats up Ken... its been a while since Ive been on here... Packaging all the seeds for The Mid-Summer drop took a Very long time.. But, Im back now bro..

Everything is looking great man... I was told that Purple Berry BX was in Skunk Magazine or something..Not sure, I havent seen it myself...And High Times is suppose to be doing something with one of my lines in the coming issue... Got a text about that this morning.... Dont know The Deatils....

Either way Ken.. Hope these ladies turn out nice for you bro..... The pic above is Beautiful....

Im about to Drop Purple Berry BXII.. and wont be dropping any more for a long time...Possibly For Ever....

Good Luck Ken... Hope you get some Giant Purple Monsters... I dont think Ive ever seen PB grown outside...interested to see how it turns out, Flowering times are short enough to work in most areas...


Fear Not!
Thanks Canna!

You know I am really stoked about the pollen from male I got...and I was hoping to make some purple crosses,
just playing around ya know?

I just saw this post by Alien
Thank you very much for the kind words. If you are referring the Fire Alien Master, that is bred by OGRaskal, someone we all know as one of the most solid breeders out there. A friendly word of advice about breeding...if you are planning to release any beans from your Purple Panther Kush x Fire Alien Master hybrid, the ethical thing to do would be to contact OGR and ask his permission to use that male pollen in your hybrid. He is a really nice cat...just a suggestion. He's not around here anymore, but can be contacted through a number of other sites. If you would like details, shoot me a PM.

I see a lot of people chucking pollen without permission from the original breeders, which is why I bring this up. Ethics are extremely important in this industry, especially if we're going to maintain any type of strain integrity 25 years from now...

Best of luck to you with whatever genetic work you do!

Of couse I wouldnt be selling any seeds i make ...Im just playing around really...

But If I do stumble apon a winner I will be in touch ;)


Fear Not!
well, I went ahead and used Pollen I saved from the purple male

Only what I think is the green pheno was I hopefully have made that pheno purple now, :)

The small leaf pheno has Purple Caylaxs, so Im hoping it will have purple buds.

When its ready, I have a little purple pollen for it too.

I also put some on ewok and rock candy. :D

All seeds made will be for personal use only and will never be sold :)


Fear Not!
i have now experience with the PBBX but id like to assume the purple calyx will be a purple plant. i sure hope it is. great job ken
Yep It's turning out that way..
The Green Pheno is way ahead of the Purple pheno
and it looks like it may have a little purp in there

The purple pheno (small leaves) is just getting buds (maybe 2 weeks in)

The plant I cut in half ( Airlayered ) Seem to be a mix of Purp and Green
And its triming its self along the way.
Almost done :)

^^^^^Rock Hard Buds!^^
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