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If I cut the dehum and let plants regulate themselves I would have water running down the walls heavy.
Not to mention PM up the ass.
Same here moisture covers the tent walls if I don't run inline and my 6 in circulator fan
Get a solid 3 runs before numbers dip on these China boards , $300 ea I think . Going growers choice next swap. The fact that you can't run the cheap board or strips on a controller is enough for me to drop 800 a fixture. The 5 year warranty is only a bonus.
That room looks really nice my guy!
I hope to run something like that size in the future


I finally pulled the trigger on my 4x4 light and it's really nice fitting my tent great. I bought a $400.50 Philzon 4500 FD series. Cannabis terps matter to me over super couch-lock or very excited or anxious feelings, your in control, stay that way. I've had Columbian Gold, Panama Red, many older strains as I am 63 this year. Cheers SS


Congrats on your new light purchase. As I'm in the process of upgrading my old HLG 260 to current Rspec production and have a current production Rspec 260 Kit on the way. This morning I went ahead and ordered a HLG 30 UVA that I will mount between the two 260 units. Being 61 I to like and prefer the older historic strains that are no longer around anymore. All the new and improved strains don't impress me at all. A lot of money for new and improved nothingness IMHO. My last Columbian Gold plant from 1975 seed.
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