Lets see your 2020 Outdoor Plants!

These will heading outside shortly! I have Coco Puffz, Lime Og, and Coco Berry Jones from Bud White Genetics and I had a Sunshine clone I grew outside last year that had a few beans so I’m growing that mystery cross out as well. Also have a couple bag seeds of a cheese strain. Been working on my garden area, real excited to plant in ground this year. Really got a lot of help off this forum last year even though I didn’t post. I’ll try and share more this season. Keep growing!
Ok you guys are gearing up for outdoor grows , me I’m heading into winter but i started a early 2020 tiny back yard grow couldn’t grow in bush after fires , had to keep it low key so nothing big ,crop consisted of 2 NL#1 I was lucky to get A female and A male & 2 weedy Strawberry cough plants that i seeded with the male , been getting cold outside at night down to 6 to 8 deg C so I brought my little seed bearing life line in the shed to dry out n warm up before I chop em down .... coming in from the cold .....
Good morning growers ☀

I planted one in the ground last night. My pots have red wigglers, food scrap layer, red clover cover. Overnight a critter went right at my food scrap layer that was in the ground and absolutely destroyed one of my girls 😭 repotted it with a tenth of the roots from before. I think she will bounce back

I'll be putting out a GC that I manifolded today and a couple dynomite cuttings from a mother Im flowering now in the tent. I'm up here so I have another 2 or 3 weeks before I can safely get out. Weather isn't my only problem. Like to give the deer some time to pattern and feed first. The damn things will walk through fire to eat my ladies.
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