Let's see your 2023 outdoor grow!

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No time like the present! Hasta la bye-bye, Karen!
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same strain much healthier! Blueberry muffin!
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Karen off to the quarantine section of the barn till I can get at salvaging!


Inside of the stock, and I’m tired of correcting that, was bone dry and solid! Probably not getting much pulled up into the canopy. I’m thinking some kind of route issue. I’m used to seeing a hole in the stock. But that could be from strain to strain. Wasn’t a healthy stock. Was just dying a slow death.


First plant comes down tomorrow or Thursday depending on the weather. This one has been resistant to PM but I have lost a few tops to rot.
We will be getting rain and cooler temps for a week or so. I may as well be happy one is finished. The others will need another month so I have my doubts they will finish by the time they are cut.
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Do you ever have real bad storms where the rain and wind drag your bottom branches or the whole plant down to the ground?

We got a lot of rain here this season and alot of my plants have dirt on them from that alone and then above them and to the side there are a bunch of trees and stuff falls out of the trees onto my plants so the wash gets all that stuff off the buds so you don't get cracking and popping when smoking it. It also gets rid of any last spots of wpm that are still on the plants.

Also yes I basically just dip the entire branch as gnicks says however i didn't want to use 3 buckets so I swapped the two plain water buckets for weak shower head spray to rinse them off.

I have limited drying space so I have been growing a few autos with my photo plants and have been harvesting one plant at a time so I end up changing the water after each plant. However after seeing how dirty the water tends to get id suggest changing the water after each plant even if I wasn't harvesting one at a time.

Oh yeah, this was after last weeks hurricane shenanigans.
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I believe if they were not in a raised planter they may have scraped the ground. Your point is taken though. If it works for you then it works. Snap some pics of that rinsing set up when you get ripping on it.


Finally got a chance to get out for a bike ride today (28c!). As I was pedalling my way past farmers fields, and was slapped in the face with some dank. I couldn't see it but it sure smelled good!


Here’s what happened September 25th,
1 inch rain in an hour, ground went from summer to saturated deep in 3 days,
35 mph winds,
Mother Nature at her finest!!
Took a week to get it back together. Only lost 2 plants and 30-40 lowers branches with weight
Some of these plants broke 8 foot bamboo at the base, there’s 13 footers in there, amazing and beautiful.
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This whole washing the buds thing is quite foreign and quite frankly disturbs me. But hey, enough people seem to be doing it so must be something to it.

I just dont see what problems you're correcting by washing the buds. Seems to me more risk for something to go wrong than any advantage gained.

I agree with Bud washing being weird I tried it this year on a plant that had an issue this year didn't seem too bad but getting everything together to do it and the extra dry sucked. But best choice if you have a very minor PM problem. If it gets too bad and is inside the buds a clean wash isn't going to make if safe safe. But I've smoked worse 🤣.
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