Let's See Your Frostiest Flowers

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This is my last gorilla punch from fastbuds. This is just more of an experiment for the winter months. I got her under the phlizon 6500 LED. I have been using Roots organic dry amendments. I am using the terp tea boom booster starting next week. She is currently on week 4 of flower. She's responding very well to the cooler temperatures. It's been a steady 64°. The terpenes are coming through very early in flower. Since week two, she has been smelling of a very strong grape candy with A. Gassy undertone. The buds are rock hard. For some reason I cannot get all of the pictures to upload. But I'm very proud of this girl. This is probably top three of my best grows and this was just an experiment that turned out awesome!. Definitely going to stick with the roots organic amendments. Having really good success. I have two strawberry gorilla from fastbuds. I'm waiting on two gorilla Skittles to poke through the soil. I will be starting Mimosa cake by fastbuds and LSD 25 from fastbuds in the next week. And mid-march I'll be starting four banana purple punches.
PXL 20240218 175710469PORTRAIT
PXL 20240218 175659752PORTRAIT
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That member had some good genetics. I've never had too much luck with the granddaddy perp. I want to try that one again. I just want to find the right genetics.
i got them from @Backyard_Boogie maybe he will chime in with where he got them , from my understanding he bought them as autos but none did the auto thing , i grew 3 or 4 right after i got them they were all photo's , there also regular seeds i planted 4 this time 1 died 1 was male 1 was female photo and 1 was female auto
pictured is the female gdp photo planted same time as the auto

the plant is the front
IMG 20240214 204603943
IMG 20240214 210341357
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