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she was crying at me to take pics of her TOO......
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then nappy time...... believe it or not, only missing one in this picture, but hey how you gonna get 5 of anything together long enough to take a pic...

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Hey Vap! My wife and I have been discussing getting a cat...she thinks we should get 2 so they have a friend to grow up with...I kindda agree. Do you have any pointers to share in regard to that?

Are your cat's inside/outside type of fellas?

We have quite a few feral cats in the neighborhood and that's been one of my concerns, that they may catch some sort of disease or something of the likes...



first off, adopt.... 2nd off YES get 2 cats, you will love them as kittens then as they grow they will be bestest of friends.

we have 5 so a few rules.... always have 1 more litter box than cats. (we have 6 litter boxes)
get em their shots, because of the ferals. also if you want your furniture 100% cat scratch free, buy them cat trees and cat scratchers, cardboard scratchers are cheap and last a while (messy kinda with those cardboard shards from cat scratches) there are 2 type of cats bush dwellers who like to be on the ground, and tree dwellers- you guessed it, they like height... so depending on which ones you get youll have to watch and see what kinda tree to get. also TOYS.... we have probably 50 fake mice throughout the house/outside. keeps em busy. paper bags are cheap, so are boxes. we had an extra room so we gave it to the cats (pic with them sleeping) get em used to teeth brushing early, so they dont become pains later. and if you get more than 3, be prepared for territories.

if you look in the pic where the cat is crying at me, i have a doggie door going outback with that metal (horse) fencing. its about 30x30 so they can go inside/outside at their leisure. they have grass, and a covered patio for the rain. if there is no outside access for you, make sure you get some bird feeders and put em by windows.

haha sorry to go on and on, but there are a few things that most cat owners could do to make thier animals healthy and happy that they dont. also a great site
good stuff for them instead of chemical stuff. good luck and POST PICS when you get em!!


Here is my Friend Floyd! He is into Frisbee, Reggae and long walks out in the native. His favorite movie is Dances with Wolves. First couple pics he is 10 mo old. Last pic is when he was 1 month old.


hey there mitchy nugz, does your cat howl with the mouse in her mouth?? i hear this crazy cry like "im hurt" then i look over and its one of our cats with a toy mouse in his mouth, also one crazy ass thing is, he brings the mouse over in his mouth, then drops it in the food and starts eating his hard food, what a trip..... hahaha any of you cat fans out there, go pick up a toy called

da bird

its amazing to watch them , make sure you have room though, theyre gonna fly
Oh yah howls like crazy when she got her kill......only make this noise when shes hunting and caught something makes me laugh my ass off actually....like a lil battle cry hahahhaha!

by the way your cats are awesome Im kinda mad I never got 2 too begin with so mine has a buddy but she is pretty independent now...........but I almost brought home another kitten the other day still wondering how my cat would react to a lil kitty in the house!

must be funny if they are outdoor cats that pack must look like the neighbourhood gang cruising down the street together hahahaha cheers bro!




That's a real sweet dog roll....maybe one like him would be the perfect addition to my pack....

Thank you! If you want a quiet until provoked, low-activity, intelligent guard dog then it's the perfect choice.

Their guard instinct is very high, he's been on point since getting him at 10 weeks. They're wary of anything new in their surroundings and don't trust strangers. Early socializing is a must.

I took him through obedience training 2 weeks after getting him and he's been dialed ever since. Pretty trustworthy off leash already.

very nice dog..another 6 months and i bet he puts on a hundred pounds
Thanks! Pretty close in your guess on weight. I think he'll settle in around 130lbs. Here's a couple of pictures of his father, a 150lb Dogo Canario;

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