Marzcanna's Poisonous Dreams (Indoor Grow)

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So this is will be my first diary on THC and honestly not yet ready for anther 3 weeks but I thought I'd go ahead and start this grows diary ahead of time anyway. Last run we had Banana blaze & Blueberry autos grown outdoors under the African sky with local brand nutes


This time we taking our grow from outside and bringing it into a 150x150x200cm (approx: 60x60x79') indoor grow tent, a generous gift from a friend, I will also be using and reviewing two 1000W Led Light sold by his company, (how kind of me 😏)


Veg time will depand on the preformance of the LEDS but will aim for about 7-8 weeks veg time. (maybe more if i decide to grow out mothers)

RH levels will be kept at 60% veg / 50% mid flower / 30% late flower

Medium will be a mix of Coco, worm castings and perlite (not sure yet of which ratios i will be using in this grow, so suggestions are welcomed)

PH, EC & PPM Targets:

Early Veg - PH 60-6.2
EC 1100
PPM 550

MID Veg - PH 5.8-6.2
EC 1200
PPM 600

Late Veg - PH 5.7-6.2
EC 1250
PPM 625

(Flowring Targets To Be Updated)

Nutes will be, cal-mag, root stimulator, NPK booster and a local brand 3 part (Names to be updated)

The strains will be Blue Dream and Durban Poison by Nirvana



I'm eager to document the Durban Poison strain as its one of my favorite sativas around, who knows might even try cross the two in this run ✌ wounder what I'd call it? 🤔
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So I've harvested my smallest plant of green crack FAST by Humboldt, grown under a 300w Led. This means in the next 2weeks i will be ready to start this grow diary.

For this grow I want to try something different and so video documenting instead of pics. Keep in mind I have VERY to no experience in making these type of videos, soooo don't be too harsh on me 😅

Below is my first video attempt at this latest harvest of green crack FAST by Humboldt, I will be doing similar videos for this grows diary and hopefully they will get better 😌

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