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Beautiful. And right up my alley for sure. Although my health is an issue. I try to keep moving as much as i can.

I lived in summit county colorado near copper mtn for a decade before trying florida for an awful minute (my family has moved down there from new jersey) and then came out here.

This is pretty deep in the forest and 20 minutes from the sand dunes and lake michigan.

Out little town has one blinking traffic light and 2 cops. Although DNR patrills the rivers and lakes and forest for violations. I have never run into them.

I will start kayaking on the lake in our little subdivision to get back in shape soon. It is melting now.

Dont have many pics of the area in this new phone yet but here is the drive to my neighborhood.

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Nice, I may have to get a horse down the road where I'm going.
Been thinking about it a bit lately but it sure has been a long stretch since riding on the back of one, it sure is fun if you can get used to the motion.
A video from my neck of the woods.

Nice seeing them here and not on the highways.


Good sir, if I may gain from your wisdom, how long do your re-veg plants take to start growing new groth again? Average? Ball park? Best guess?
I'm making an attempt this go round and it seems to have done nothing for...a month?
Agreed. I too have one I'd like to take a few clones, reveg and use this fall/winter as moms.


Good sir, if I may gain from your wisdom, how long do your re-veg plants take to start growing new groth again? Average? Ball park? Best guess?
I'm making an attempt this go round and it seems to have done nothing for...a month?

One took 2 months before it showed anything and one (a 5 week cutting) rooted in a week and started with the weird leaves in 3.

I never took end of cycle bud cuttings before recently. They sit and do nothing for a long time. Its already been a month for the BLT 5 cutting. Its in the dome in a cup of soil and shows white thick roots but except for a green glow around the edges of the bud and the top calyx it just sits there.


Havent been keeping up on my thread. I have been cleaning out the house so we can spray for a flea infestation. This summer has been hot and buggy and our indoor cat got fleas. She is treated with frontline plus and i just got Precore aerosol spray cans that have a pesticide and a growth inhibitor for the eggs and larvae. But nothing kills the cacooned babies so we will continue vacumming every day after we treat the floors and carpets. The basement is jam packed after 5 years here and we need to clear out everything and spray the floor down there too.

What a bitch!

At least it doesnt affect the garden. They eat us not plants.


So here is a veg tent update. I am likely going to have to convert the room to an open veg area to keep moms. I dont know if i want to rely on running cuttings every round. And im still going to grow seed plants so i need more space and light.


Citral x Pow 33 9.5 week flowered reveg

Citral xPow 33 cuttings in back. Chocolate Diesel cuttings left front (taken too small) and front right a Classic Seeds Headband. (The original cuttings didnt make it but i decided one last try)

Pair of Critical Mass x Blue Lemon Thai seedlings.

And the 11 week cutting of BLT 5. Still alive and rooted.


Allright. I have had some problems with my last couple potting mixes. The potters gold lost its drainage ability early in flower and despite having a ton of nutrients was imbalanced quickly and the plants suffered the typical overfed/ underfed symptoms and locked up and stopped drinking.

So i mixed some ocean forest but only could find small course perlite. This did not work well either. The small perlite holds much more water than large chunky perlite and i had similar problems.

I have since mixed a large perlite batch with mother earth #4 perlite but it is larger than i am used to. I cant win out here in the country. Lol.

Anyway, I have flushed and or fed light a few waterings and all 6 remaining plants in flower have improved and are growing fast again.

Not my best work for sure but looks like i will have decent harvests.

Full room pic

Toxic Blue 1 c-5

Chemdog SFV x Bag of Oranges


Have a cutting of this and of the chocolate diesel s-1 i havent pictured yet. Hope they root.


Can't believe I didn't see your thread till now bro but love your work. On the subject of revegging- I do it quite a bit. If I love a new strain or want to save an old one I reveg. Never had one go bad. Here's a couple I did the year before last.






Why do growers generally discourage this practice? Seems to work fine.
not sure why some folks say it wont work, been doin it since early 90's with no problems at all.....one thing I do make sure of , is once the old buds can be cut off around the bottom of the plant and use em in the scrap for making bubble hash, and by then theres plenty of new growth shootin up, it just takes forever but works great if u forgot to take a clone , or like u said if you find a killer strain that u wanna keep goin.....
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For my inexperienced self, it was necessary to remove roughly 25%. I battle to keep the RH at 50 and after I did that, it was definitely easier. However, I did it over a period of 4 days. Pluck some off and see how they respond and then a few more the next day if all looks well. I also am very selective and also remove the ones shading lower prime sites. I'm newish to this and I'm not sure I would have the same success (to my mind) if I didn't do that. A 2x4 tent is pretty damn small and I let them veg a tad too long.....
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