Mr dizzle's doubled's MPB style jockin log

soo about a month ago i set up a doubled's mpb set up. unlike doubleds i do not run a sealed room. I wanted to make sure the system worked before I dropped the clams for the split a/c and the santa fe ect. I started the cuts for 3 weeks, then vegged for9days in the buckets. here we are 13days into flower and I no longer have a "room" just a jungle.

the first pics are of the day they entered the buckets, the next pic is 9days later when I flowered them
and here we are now at day 13 of flower. these pics do 0% justice to the size of these plants, It is foolish how large they are, the second picture is the backside of one of the outside plants, i think next run i will try to add some 400wers on the backside because they produce so little heat
and what strain? I assume clones? Looks kinda like green crack the way they are branching so heavily but more like our purple hawaiian in the leaf structure? anyway, looks great
I've had the ppms are around 900 the whole run, this system is boring in the sense there isnt anything to do but top up the res evrey 2days or so. the PH doesnt move in this system, stays are 5.7, the nutes i'm using is floranova, koolbloom, and that floralicous plus. running super clean, my res looks brand new. i'll add powered koolbloom when its called for. they are starting to drink I would say 15gals of water a day
about 20inchs till the ceiling i would say, i was pinching tops like a mad man but they cant be stopped,

they are joe's casey's only 5 plants, 4000w i'm allowed 24, tech 48 with my roomate so I feel like Im being very respectful of the law
also my next run will be with rockwool cubes as starters, instead of those coco baskets. they are cool but i think its took a couple days for the roots to pop thru the coco husks. where rockwool i could imagen the roots finding the water within a day or two. i have the top feed coming on for like 20 mins every 2 hours, but will play around with that when i use the rockwool to avoid any stem rot. they why these sluts drink water it shouldnt be an issuse


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Nice mrdiz as this casey should be a really nice show.. you might be fucked do to the 23 day of stretch that this casey of shmoes does.. Sky is the limit with her. I would be inclined now to supercrop and bend the top canopy down>>>>never mind the pinching tops bro>>>>straight bend that shit.
Man oh man you have created a monster:)

thanks danny, I stopped pinching, haha they repaired the pinch before I left the room. Im going to do down there an try to tie the tops down to the top of the cages.

Doubleds was right about lumen shock, their actual vertical growth has been half that of how wide they got. I figure I have another foot vertically i can deal with, now width on the otherhand...........i can move the outside 4 buckets back another foot total i would say, just have to shorten the drain line hose, maybe drill new holes in teh 4in PVC

I just stopped growing bubba but now im really interested in how fast they would grow in this system
Oh man I love the setup.. Can I pm you a few questions about your system, since ours our similar in materials..? Nice going :)


we have to get this thread into the dds section. Very nice grow bro and yes bubba dos very well. I have the katsu version and also the garberville purple kush. I have 1 gpk about 4 ft tall x 4ft wide.

lost- pm away bro, or feel free to ask on here

lollipop- the room is 10ft x 11ft

DD- shit, I didnt know there was a DDS section, how do I move it. I'll have to try a masterkush run in these.
I am willing to bet those plants are gonna hit the ceiling sooner than later! Jeez...How high is the ceiling from the floor? and it looks like you have em raised from the floor a good 18 inches?

I bet a couple of big scrogs, like outdoor style scrog, would do well with this and maybe just a couple plants with 3 or 4 k lights

scripts here only cover 6 really, although we can collectively cultivate, so I would love to be able to pull weight with just a few indoors. I did a big deep water culture before but way different style, but even the bubba kush in that setup was getting 4 feet tall and leaves 12 inches, so I do know DWC is where it's at
they are a good 20inch off the floor, i just bought two sets of buckets and they sit on them perfectly, and for 12bucks a piece you cant go wrong. i needed them higher than the res to get a waterfall back into the res.

I think what sets this system part from regular dwc is the 4inch pvc drains, the overflow from the buckets spashing 24/7 in the pvc then rolling all the way around the room and waterfalling into the res create so much air, koi pond style