My first grow diary of many (hopefully!) :o)

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Here's those pics I promised. 🙃

Golden Leaf - Day 88
It's just about ready I'd say, seeing a nice amount of amber after peering through my loupe at it again today. It's so hard to tell at times but feeling confident (he says!) Smells a bit grim tbh (😄) to me but I think the curing will sort that out.

20231114 115540

20231114 115552

20231114 115554

20231114 115559

GG4 - Day 88
This definitley a little longer, few bits of amber but not enough quite yet. Some gorgeous colouring and frosting on it though and smells delicious, all chocolatey.

20231114 115606

20231114 115612

20231114 115618

20231114 115627


Ok, just about there. I really think I need to chop the GL but going away for 3 days tomorrow and am a little worried about it drying out too quickly as such low humidity here. Will have another look at it today but might wait till back on Mon/Tues to do it.

20231117 101216

20231117 101231

20231117 101239

20231117 101158

20231117 101204

20231117 101209


Ok, so where to start?

Here I suppose:

20231123 121443

20231123 121736

Finally chopped them down and look ok but...

I had a couple of large buds literally dry themselves out and disintegrate in my hands which was, weird to say the least. I think it was my doing, I got over excited about my new tent setup and put them in there (overnight) with my seedlings for my next grow and I'm guessing dried them the f@ck out by mistake. Rest of the buds seem absolutely fine so we'll see how the drying goes I suppose. Not bud rot, surely?!

I had them in that tent for a day or so but humidity was through the roof (75%+) so I've moved them in to a nearby closet and seems much better (66'F and 44% humidity average).

Fingers crossed I haven't ruined them all right at the end.
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