Need help here, sick plant

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As soon as I saw 4 weeks in veg, and 1 gal pot, I recognized your issue. I’m on my second run of the same strain, and both times, once I reached a month in veg in 1 gallons, the plants started to undergo a full-spectrum of deficiencies. Taking a look at the root masses, I saw they were incredibly dense, and rootbound. It’s likely that roots are overtaking the medium in terms of volume, and therefore have much less of a buffer for the root zone. Try uppotting them into your final pot size, and give it a 4 days. You should see greener leaves, green new growth, and better overall health. Going from 1 to 7 gal pots instantly turned them around both times, and now my girls are very happy.


Photone app was Korona I think they changed name due to flu. Manganese (not magnesium) and Iron deficiencies look a bit like what you have. The “veins” will stay green and the leaf will yellow. Check out Cervantes deficiency chart print out and hang near grow. The 1 gallon pots will b an issue soon if not already. 3-5 gallon is better but I forgot I grow in coco but still think bigger would be better. Make sure u r adding some type of mycorrhiza to help break down nutes. Great white and recharge r my favorites . Photone app works great for veg keep between 200-400. If nothing works do a flush with ph’d water and make sure ALL the soil gets wet and test ph of run off. Good luck


Hello all!
I have a sick plant here :(, can’t seem to figure out a diagnosis on it. Here are the details:
temp 75-85 degrees, humidity 65%
week 4 of veg
Has been very happy up until a day or two ago
Feeding Athena pro recommended doses
Growing in coco perlite
Water once every two days
Looks like N deficiency to me, but I give her plenty of nitrogen

should I try a flush and then go back to regular watering? I literally cannot figure out what is wrong with her.
Cal or mag deficiency or both. Coco coir locking up the calmag. Ph too high in the medium especially if exposed to high temperatures in excess of 85 degrees. Hit it with calmag at 5.8 ph. Cheers!

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