Need Help With Jack's Hydro Feed 16-4-17

Have to leave Maxibloom and find another 1 application type fert. Jack's Hydro FeED 16-4-17 fits that
profile. They recommend the same 1 tsp per gallon application as MB. My problem (maybe I'm wrong) is
that when I run the PPM numbers-the numbers show problems in flower. Jack's Hydro and MB seem to
take opposite positions in PPM- MB low N higher P, and Jack's high N low P. The nutrient profile for Jack's
at 5 grams is 211N, 23P, 186K. Looks great for flower, but way high in N and low in P for flower per common
current belief. Should I cut the Hydro FeED to 2.5 grams in flower and add a P supplement or will the Jack's Hydro FeED work anyway? Whats the difference between the 5-12-26/cal nit combo at 5 grams and the Hydro FeED? Thanks for any help.

That was one of my choices, but the cost per gallon was high. Heard a lot about Jacks
products here, so wanted to start there. But there seems to be more interest in the
2 part formula than the 1 part here. No help so far on the 16-4-17 Hydro FeED.
Jacks Hydro FeED comes in at .085 per 4 gallons. A little more for epsom 5 grams. Big difference. But like
anything else, cost vs performance is key. No good to have a fert that is cheap and sucks as well. Jacks doesnt
have that rep here- plenty of info on 5-12, but limited on 16-4 formulation. Trying to figure this jacks product
out, as it meets most of my needs.
Here is a report so far with the Hydro FeED 16-4-17. I am not a maniac on exact process- my search was to
replace 7 gm per gallon GH Maxibloom in a simple process. Looking for a close to 1 part cheap fert-already
found out that expensive fert works about as well as good cheap fert- no use pouring money down the drain.

My move from Maxi is part punitive and part precautionary. Scott's ruined Peters reg formula after that
purchase, no reason they wont do the same with GH. For us simpletons out there, here is what I see:

1) Bought 1 25 lb bag of 16-4-17 for about $47= about .02 per gallon @1 tsp per gallon feed- cost is better.
2) Completely dissolves- better than Maxi.
3) Needs .25 tsp Epsom- negative over Maxi.
4) In veg, noticed improved rather than similar or lesser growth- at least its equivalent or better- win for Jacks.
5) Female count seems a little light- not measured or counted over time. Something to report on over a few crops.
6) Changed over to Blossom Booster after 2 weeks on 12/12- bought 25 lbs 10-30-20 to replicate 1 part feed for
flower-same .02 cost. Could not get any response from the brainiacs on this forum- decided to run a bloom
fert because of conventional belief on higher, rather than lower P values. This is a multi crop test, no reason
to go all in just yet- lets see how this way goes first.
7) At 5 weeks, all is well. No visual performance issues over Maxi, in fact looks a little better-no burns at 1 tsp.
Bloom/.25 Epsom.
For those of you that want to move away from Maxi, I dont see any downside to Hydro FeED/Bloom from Jack's.
You get compensated on cost vs Maxi to add Epsom- .02/gal vs almost .12/gal for Maxi- Epsom isnt .10/gal. All
the fert dissolves, getting more nutes to the plant. Cant answer about N/P/K differences- us simpletons dont get
all wound up in that. If the plants are healthy and robust-all that matters. Too much science gives some of us a
headache. Will continue on in my quest for a good simple fert process, no intent to demean those who believe this is rocket science.
Ok, for those of you that want to leave Maxibloom- Jack's is an option. Finished my crop, and Jack's was as productive as Maxi. The only use issue was I moved from 16-4-17 in veg to Blossom Booster in flower- 1 fert
per time frame. Still a work in process-want to do one more crop like this before all 16-4-17.
Did you wind up using this again? Have you done run yet with the straight 16-4-17 (now called oasis I guess?) through flowering?

I just picked up both the 16-4-17 as well as the 10-30-20 blossom booster. I too want to switch away from Maxibloom.

I'm in week 2 of flower using MB and about to switch to Blossom Booster + Epsom at your ratios for half of my reservoirs and stick to MB in the other half.

I'll let you know how it goes in the side by side comparison.
Still using both. I kinda look at it like this- only using one at a time. 16-4-17 for veg and bloom booster for flower. Use silica and epsom with both. The process has been at least as good as MB, so no loss in quality or yield. Probably
better IMO.
What style of growing are you guys using? I have tried the jacks 321 in rdwc, promix, and coco and had ok results at best. I would love to get a dry nutrient mix working for me. Is it possible for you guys to throw up a pic or two of your plants using the maxi and hydro feed?
What style of growing are you guys using? I have tried the jacks 321 in rdwc, promix, and coco and had ok results at best. I would love to get a dry nutrient mix working for me. Is it possible for you guys to throw up a pic or two of your plants using the maxi and hydro feed?
Hi irOn,

Sorry for the late reply, been under the weather for the past couple of months with bronchitis. I am sure the 321 process is good for those that do it, but it isnt simple/effective enough for me to replace Maxibloom, which was the simplest process out there. Maxibloom is owned by the house of evil now, so a replacement process was necessary.
There was no question on a similar cost/simplicity basis, Jack's was the place to go. But multiple powders per gallon was out. They came out with a new formulation 16-4-17 that works fine for veg. No multiple measures- 1 teaspoon is all per gallon of water. Bloom was another issue. I was concerned about the high N vs the low P, was against what I was taught all along about bloom ferts. So I replaced the 16-4-17 with the bloom booster 10-30-20 for flower. Yields are as good or better than Maxi. Been too chicken to use 16-4-17 for flower, will do it at some point. But both veg and flower use only 1 tsp of fert, plus some silica (works well) for grins. Still simple, still effective, still cheap.
I want to start this same program
What should I use for a sweetner
I want to switch to molasses
What's a good brand and do you think it's good to use. Rock wool / flood & drain
I am a big fan of the 5-12-26 version, running that in place of maxibloom. I like having the one base for all levels of growth. I did not experience any sort of N issues, the one you are running seems really high in it and not sure if the veg oriented formula is really necessary.

To me, salt based fertilizer just gets picked based on price. I don't think there is magic in those bottles that necessitate the prices. 5 or 10 bucks of nutes for the whole grow FTW
I dont see any difference between Jacks or Maxi (or any other brand) besides price. A salt is a salt. Its like bottled water brands. Drink a bottle of Disani..and a bottle of Aquafina. Taste or look any different?
Jack's Hydro 16-4-17 is a great base. It doesn't require extra cal-mag and the nitrogen sources keep the pH locked. Most American growers use too much phosphorus, and this is just proof that you need adequate, not boosted P. It makes a great base or one-part fertilizer. I have used it many times and it's great for the money.
Here is a shortcut with this stuff to make a concentrate to replace any base nutrient.
500 ml RO water
330 grams JH 16-4-17
Top up to 1000 ml
Shake the crap out of it until it is dissolved

10 ml/gallon gives you 1.0 EC, suitable for most hydro. I run 15 ml/gal. for the cal-mag for coco.