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here's my setup: one 5x5 tent for organics, 1 4x4 tent for mothers, 1 2x4 tent with a 2x4 ebb and flow table, and 1 2x4 drying tent

im growing an organic chronic mother in the 4x4 tent. probably adding a double bubble berry or a white widow mother later, but chronic seems to be a good plant for scrog. there's plenty of branches, ie one branch has 3-4 branches that are pretty long. under a screen it can really shine, no pics yet of closeups. its been fed 1tsp/dolomite lime (every 3 months) and 1 tsp blood meal (the high none) and a little high n guano, and myco+ after 2 weeks from seed, which really helps

I took clones off of the chronic plant when the soil was a little dry so they drooped after I cloned them, but they popped right back up after about 6 hours, I think it was overnight. they should root in 7-10 days, and im planning on leaving my table on flood. ive used it for a couple of years, its stable, and I had a bad algae problem that solved when I put hydrogen peroxide in my 22 gal Rez, basically 2 days later most of the algae was gone, but it smelled a little funky, nothing dangerous just a little gross. I tried washing it with bleach but the algae came back, the hydrogen peroxide worked in eliminating 90% of the algae, and apparently h2o2 is good for hydro but im not adding that to my clones

and in the 5x5 tent I have 3x purple bud (left), 1x blue mystic (center), and 3x double bubble berry (right). I put them in rooting cubes so they dont get lost in the soil, and they're easily watered and kept moist

in 2 weeks ill feed them dolomite lime, high n guano and blood meal, just cautiously because ive had burning in the past from organics. and you dont have to flush with organics which is a game changer, the real game changer is myco+ which can lead to really huge plants, I only use once or twice a grow because I noticed webbing on my soil, but I heard that's good, im also going to top the double bubble berry like sagarmartha suggested with his bubble berry description. I heard dbb isn't as good as the original, but buying from attitude is a lot easier then hunting down clones

at 5-6 weeks ill add bone meal (either blood or bone, I get mixed up lol) and guano and just water with hose water every time the soil looks dry

also attached is the Pineapple Express auto I grew organically, it was decent, smelled amazing after 3 weeks of cure, it actually stunk really well even after 4 days of drying, enough for 250$/oz, maybe 300$, but I dont really like pineapple marijuana
Organics and hydro sog bubbleberry chronic purple bud blue mystic
Organics and hydro sog bubbleberry chronic purple bud blue mystic 2
Organics and hydro sog bubbleberry chronic purple bud blue mystic 3
Organics and hydro sog bubbleberry chronic purple bud blue mystic 4


Clean your grow room up you may as well be waving a flag to bugs saying come live here 😂



Chronic plant is about 5 ft with bag
And clones are about to show roots in 5 days, ordering a cloning station and should get here so I can gift some clones and keep my mother small so I can possibly flower
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